Baraka Thread - *Ching Ching* "RAAAAAR!"


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With the new fullscreen blade charge Sub is not much of a problem because you can build meter with spark(His iceball is not fast enough to hit you during spark) and then rush him with EX blade charge. And once you get him in close Baraka will kill him. If he does hit you with an iceball, its a 30-40% combo not including his resets for more damage. It may be a 5.5-4.5 In sub's favor, but I am just going off of whole numbers right now.

Sindel really and truly isnt a problem if you can get in close, and with EX blade charge that is pretty easy. All you really have to do with Sindel is dash block, take a couple low fireballs to gain meter, and unleash an EX blade charge. Once your in Sindel's face, you have to watch out for step up, but other than that she is completely outmatched. Again that may be a 5.5-4.5 In baraka's favor, but I didnt go that specific.


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New and improved matchup chart:

6-4vs Cyber Sub-Zero
4-6 vs Cyrax
6-4 vs Ermac
4-6 vs Freddy Krueger
5-5 vs Jade
5-5 vs Jax
4-6 vs Johnny Cage
3-7 vs Kabal
4-6 vs Kano
4-6 vs Kenshi
4-6 vs Kitana
4-6 vs Kung Lao
5-5 vs Liu Kang
5-5 vs Mileena
5-5 vs Nightwolf
4-6 vs Noob Saibot
5-5 vs Quan Chi
3-7 vs Raiden
6-4 vs Rain
5-5 vs Reptile
6-4 vs Scorpion
5-5 vs Sektor
6-4 vs Shang Tsung
6-4 vs Sheeva
5-5 vs Sindel
5-5 vs Skarlet
6-4 vs Smoke
4-6 vs Sonya Blade
6-4 vs Stryker
4-6 vs Sub-Zero


(Some of those are based off tourney players input, some I just really feel are right)


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Sorry for the organization, things cut off, my voice overs screwed up, I think I might've even called 2,2 1+2 2,1 1+2(Ive been playing Cyber Sub latelyXD) Anyway, this one is a commentary over my uses for U+3, my fake jump kicks into D+4, and frame traps. More to come, enjoy!


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Yeah that match up list looks pretty accurate to me.

My favourite match up for Baraka is probably a good Johnny Cage.Mileena surpringly isn't a super tough match up for him.Kitana is tough though. That ***** is so much faster than him in close up battles.

Cool video Zoid. The crazy part is I actually use F4 a LOT with Baraka, however I always follow it up with another 4 into blade charge for a 30 %+ combo. Gonna try using his F4 as a reset and see how much use I can get for it.

His low pokes are very good. I often cancel D4 into charge to catch people out and if you do a low poke into slices, the slices are safe on block.

My tip of the day with Baraka. His U4 goes over things like LK and Jades low projectiles.
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I got these after-tweak corner combos for Baraka:

(corner) 2, 1, 1+2, 1, 2, 1, Enhanced Blade Slices - 11 Hits 33%
(corner) 2, 2, 1+2, B+3, 1, 1, 2, X-Ray - 12 Hits 44%

To add on to your combos,

Corner, meterless: 2 2 1+2, B3 1, B3 1, 1 2 1, Blade Spin (DB3), Blade Spin (DB3) = 15 hits, 42% damage

You can add in a jump in punch for 16 hits, 45% damage.


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Barakas recovery from spark is slow, but the projectile itself is quite good. Its not particularly fast but its quite large.. For example it will usually always catch a scorpion doing a teleport on wake up.


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Anybody know Baraka's current tier rating?

Because I say anything lower than A- or B+ is goddam insane.
Its crazy how good Raka is against tier whores like Cyrax & even Kabal.


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He is not at all good against Kabal. That matchup is 3-7 at the very least, Cyrax is like at 4-6, but I personally go more toward 5-5. He is C tier, and that is a pretty good rating. If he had a faster recovery on spark or auto correct chop chop back he would be A tier though :p


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He is not at all good against Kabal. That matchup is 3-7 at the very least, Cyrax is like at 4-6, but I personally go more toward 5-5. He is C tier, and that is a pretty good rating. If he had a faster recovery on spark or auto correct chop chop back he would be A tier though :p

Nobody is to be fair. I thought Kano would be a good counter to Kabal, until Kabal starts throwing the IAFB's.

The thing with Baraka, is that he doesn't really have any bad match ups, but he doesn't excel in too many either, a lot of 5:5. Kabal, Cage and Kenshi are quite tough matches for Baraka.


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Bad matchups and how to deal with them(unlike what Flagg said, he has quite a few bad MU's XD):
Many people may have noticed that Baraka is being thrown around in a lot of bottom 5 lists lately, and one of the reasons is because he currently loses to most of the top tier cast that is played at tournaments. To Kombat this, I am going to list each one of his bad matchups and how to deal with them(Wont be done in one go, obviously). If you have anything you would like to add or a matchup you think is either is missing or doesnt deserve to be up here post up.

First off a list of his bad matchups:
Freddy Krueger
Johnny Cage
Kung Lao

Freddy Krueger- The problem with Freddy is he can completely zone Baraka out with full screen frame traps. The first thing to realize is that he CANNOT EX bade charge through Freddy's zoning(when done correctly). That means you have to be patient and dash block forward until you are in range for a blade charge. If Freddy teleports, blade charge will hit him. If Freddy goes into NMS it will hit him. And once you have Freddy up close KEEP HIM THERE. Abuse D4, frametraps, d1 slices and corner pressure to beat Freddy. This is about being patient and keeping Freddy as close as possible.

Kabal- This is of course, one of Baraka's worst matchups. You have to play SAFE. If the Kabal player is iaGBing all over the place, the best thing to do is dash block until you have at least one bar of meter. Once you have that choose the best time to EX blade charge. If it hits, dash more toward the corner. At this point you have to watch out for an EX dash because you will then be in the corner. If you get Kabal cornered keep the pressure with resets obviously. If the Kabal is playing more rushdown and mixing in dash cancels, throw out a couple of d1's and when they hit immediately do slices. Once again abuse D4 when you are in range to keep him in check. NEVER throw out random blade charges because that is punished by dash and a 20-30% combo into reset.

Kenshi- This requires as much patience as the Kabal matchup. Dash blocking is key here, and getting in. Blade charge can be punished by spirit charge, so dont throw to many of those around. If you get meter, and his back is almost to the corner, EX blade charge any of his tele-flurries to get him backed into the corner. Once there punish tele-flurry with blade charge, or rising karma with blade charge. Spirit charge is safe on block I believe, so watch out for that. Once you get him in the corner he doesnt have too much to help him. Use your pressure and resets to win the round. Blade spark is too risky because it is punished by tele-flurry. D4 can keep him at bay for a while, but if you get out of range he can spirit charge.

More to come.


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I agree that Kenshi and Jax are really hard matches for Baraka.

Kung Lao is not as hard as you think. BB1 beats a lot of stuff KL does.

A blocked Dive kick is full punishable, as is a whiff spin. Yes, characters like KL, Cage, Jax, Sonya are better up close than Baraka, but then he is better up close with a ton of the cast. Against Cage, you just have to play smart.


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Chop Chop doesnt even beat a jump in punch. Yes a whiffed spin is punishable but usually they will use the spin to punish YOU, and make it impossible to touch him when he is down.