5 Least Used Characters?

Stryker (he'll always be the fat cop from MK3 to me)
Sindel (gross and old, and way too powerful in story mode -_ -)
Quan Chi (shouldn't have been in the game, although I assume he'll play a bigger role in MK10)
Nightwolf (I like him, well the idea of him, but I just never use him, his alt is legit though)
Kano (He's needed for the story, but never use him or even know any of his moves)
Liu Kang (Never liked him, never will. And in storymode was seriously lame, hope he dies again in this universe)

Younger Sub will probably give way to Cyber Sub, with the hope of getting back his human form. Although they tangled that hope for use human Smoke fans for over 10 years, most MK players only knew robo-Smoke until MK9.

Reptile, although I would never want to see him taken out, kind of sucks in this game, his walk is awkward, he should be more swift like a snake or something not slow like a komodo dragon.

As for Sheeva. Hated her in MK3, but I kind of like her in MK9, especially when I use her against my one friend who likes to sit at the edge of the stage and block everything. They just need to give her a better voice, not a chick trying to sound like a guy, make her sexier.
My personal '5' I'd cut out:

-Johnny Cage (never liked him, never will, he's too out of place in the MK Universe...he's only good to be the fatality victim)
-Noob Saibot (hate his AI and spam moves...plus he's really not that cool of a character)
-Raiden (I can see him as a boss character, but aside from that I never found his character or gameplay style appealing)
-Shang Tsung (meh...no thanks, keep him as a boss alongside Raiden)
-Jade (of all the female characters I just don't like her)

What's probably going to be their list:

-Sindel (I rarely see others play her)
-Sheeva (since everyone complains that she's ugly as if all female characters should look like supermodels)
-Mileena (same reason as Sindel...which sucks because Mileena is awesome imo!)
-Skarlet (she doesn't seem to have a negative fan reaction but she doesn't seem to have a major positive one either)
-Cyber Sub Zero (I can agree with keeping him out of the next one too...a walking refrigerator is a novelty and that's it)

My mains are Mileena, Skarlet and Kitana btw! : )
1. Kratos
2. Jax
3. Mileena
4. Sheeva
5. Nightwolf

Edit: Dropped Liu Kang as #5 and made Jax #2. How could of I forgotten to put Jax on here.
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Soooo tired of ppl hating on Sheeva.Yea shes a little clunky but that just means she needs more work.And make her sexier??Dude shes a four armed monster. Take out your sexual frustration on something else jeez.

3.Shang Tsung(Altho i got mad props for any Tsung users)
5.Kabal and Raiden cause i hate them equally.
Skarlet is extremely fun to play when you get her tech skill down. Took me almost 17 hours to get her moves down and do them somewhat consistently.

I personally want nobody cut. But if I had to chose...

What I feel like are the least played are...
Skarlet( I think this is because she isn't easy to pick up)
My least played are Kratos(only like 12 minutes which I used to beat ladder with him), Cyber Sub-Zero, Quan Chi, Noob and Skarlet.
Overally least used I think are Sheeva, Sindel, Skarlet, Stryker, Jade, Kabal, Cyber Sub, Quan Chi.
Well I got more than 5 that least used well basically not used at all.

1. Jax- Never liked him at all and his moves just aren't for me either.
2. Sheeva- She pretty good, but not someone I really use at all. Would be better if her moves weren't predictable.
3. Sub Zero- Never really cared for Sub Zero as I was always a Scorpion guy when it came to the ninjas. I prefer his Cyborg version
4. Shang Tsung- He just hard to use and get into. I like him as a character tho.
5. Kung Lao- Good character, just someone I don't care about getting good with.

And also a few other characters:

Quan Chi
Johnny Cage

Get rid of Cyber-subzero, Sindel, Sheeva, Stryker and Shang Tsung. All useless.
No way is Shang Tsung useless or Sindel or Cyber Sub Zero.
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Sheeva isn't useless either. I do well with her, and I just started seeing a few people online doing well with her. I'm surprised more people don't like her, she has unblockable moves and specials with Super Armor. They shouldn't be taking out characters just because a lot of people don't like EVERY character in the game. If they took out FIVE characters, that would drastically reduce the number of matchup possiblilities and make the game really boring fast. I already take advantage of Scorpion vs. Any other Ninja fights as a good time to go take a leak, since I REALLY doubt there will be anything interesting that I havn't seen already.
I would gladly cut all the females characters... I don't use them and I prefer to fight males characters. Much more... smexy.
Forget adding Jade to this list. Just because you don't meet her online, don't assume she's not popular...
She's staying!

Skarlet - Fail of a character. Skanky red ninja chick with no logical reason. Gross too.
Sheeva - Never been too popular. Nice butt though!
CybZero - Dumb concept. I already hated the idea of robots, when they made Smoke a robot I was hissing...
Rain - Another fail of a character, a ninja with another color, yay?
Freddy - WTF is he doing here anyway?