5 Least Used Characters?

Kitana is my favorite chick in the game at the moment, she is fast and has awesome familiar moves that remind me allot of MK2 :)
Shang Tsung

I never play with any of them and i hate all of that characters.

Shang Tsung does anything besides throwing skulls and copying other, totally boring, Sindel is a nasty old woman and i really hate her because of what she did in story mode, i like nightwolf for what he did near the end of the story mode but his gameplay is boring, kano does do anything and i got crazy when he only does cannonball and his lasser eye move is missing in this game, sheeva is a dumb, boring, slow character.

Jade is just cool, but Kitana is amazing and i think is the most used girl fighter and the only one i use. She wont be cut from the rooster and Jade neither.
Somebody mentioned stryker? Im offended. Stryker is so fukn sick, I rip it up as him.
i totally agree with ya on Stryker but also i will say Nightwolf should not be removed i mean i actually like him to the fact that he is an apache Shaman. with myself being almost 40% apache makes him awesome. Plus he has a nice dmg output and has so many useful tools and damaging combos
Well according to TMK.com the 5 least used characters are

5. Mileena - 18 million
4. Quan Chi - 12 Million
3. Sindel - 12 Million
2. Shang Tsung - 11 Million
1. Sheeva - 6 million... LOL SHEEVA
Sindel- She's ugly
Sheeva- Death by snu snu
Liu Kang- His voice is annoying
Mileena- I don't like her much as a character
Cyber Sub-Zero- His style isn't very appealing
You think Kitana is least used?! She's a BEAST in this game! To the point where I actually worry that people won't want to play me because I main her and she's a cow as soon as she lands a popup - I play with my other half all the time and he ends up screaming "****ING FANS!" at the screen and throwing a sulk. Jade is always awesome and Mileena is (for the first time since MK2) actually pretty formidable to play against if the person knows how to use her! I frequently land 35-45% combos with her and it feels sooooo good. (Face gnaw lands mid-air, ridiculously annoying for people who spend the entire match in the air.) so I think the 3 female ninjas will be very safe in future games.

From what I can see, nobody's too fond of Sheeva or Sindel, so I reckon this'll be the last game we see too much of them.

My 5 least used are:

Mind you it's not really a question of who don't I use, more who DO I use. I can't get my mojo going if I don't like the character! So it's Kitana and Mileena all the way for me, sometimes with a bit of Sonya if I'm in the mood to play as a hulking great transvestite.
....Kitana? Least used? I would have to disagree about that....She is beyond awesome in this game....

I also like Sindel and use her quite a bit. Also, as a hater of Stryker....I would actually recommend him in this game, he is MUCH better. His x-ray is tits.

Sheeva, I agree with. Such garbage.
Oh come on, she's not bad. She just plays a lot different. And 6 million is still a lot of people.

The way I see it, Scorpion and Sub Zero are like chocolate and vanilla, and Sheeva, Sindel, and whoever are like Butter Pecan. Every once in a while somebody walks in and wants butter pecan.

So shut up and eat your damn chocolate.
If Kano was cut because others don't use him as much then I will drop this game.
As a long time Kano user, since MKI, I don't think he is bottom 5.
I would make a list but then I realized that others may think the same way I did when I read Kano in so many of yalls.