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  • Hah, well you are one sharp gal...Lovin it lol.

    Whos your fav MK fighter? Mines Scorpion, since day one of MK.

    Also im not exactly sharp on geo places lol, so don't worry lol
    Nah, trust me alot of people don't know Manitoba that much, its a medium town at best lol, compared to alot of the other big towns in Canada lol.

    And back when i was in geo class i was either skipping class, smoking weed or just cruising around lol.
    I use it on my blackberry and, yeah, it comes up with some terrible, terrible things. My friend has an iPhone and 'anal' comes up in the autocorrect when she is trying to put 'and', ahaha.
    lmao! It reminds me of autocorrect and how it puts words that you absolutely did not want to put.
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