5 Least Used Characters?

Kitana, Sindel, and Jade FTW!!!

Least used characters:

Sheeva (Slow)
Cyber Sub Zero (I don't like him)
Jax (Too hard to play as.)
I don't understand why so many people hate on Sheeva. I use her as a main and she's really good if you use her right. I don't mean spam the crap out of people either. I don't see online players use Sonya at all. The other 4 top non-used characters I'd say are Shang Tsung , Kano , Cyber SZ , and Jax.
Baraka - he doesn't play like how I imagined he would be. But I really like his alternate costume.
Sheeva - her style of play just doesn't appeal to me. I actually like her look, just her gameplay doesn't fit with mine.
Kabal - I don't know why but I just can't bring myself up to play this guy.
Jax - I was excited for Jax when he was announced, but probably same reason with Kabal as to why I don't play much as him.
Quan Chi - hate him, period.
I'd Say ;
Sheeva of course
Shang Tsung
Sindel and
Quan Chi .
I personally only fought Quan Chi 1 Time . And i never played against Sindel or Shang Tsung and i've been playing since release
1) Shang Tsung - sucks since losing morphing ability.
2) Stryker - doesn't belong in MK.
3) Sindel - boring storyline and game play.
4) Cyber Sub-Zero - it should've been Smoke.
5) Liu Kang - I know he's Earthrealm's champion but I'm overly sick of him.
I want to base my list on what I've seen online...and yes I've logged way to many hours online...lol

1. Sindel
2. Cyber Sub-Zero
3. Kano
4. Shang Tsung
5. Stryker

Everyone knows I'ma huge Sheeva lover but I've actaully fought a lot of people that use Sheeva more than I've seen the five I've listed.
As of this post, the 5 (all-time, across all modes) least used characters:


1. Sheeva 379,554,565
2. Sindel 569,772,011
3. Quan Chi 633,253,740
4. Mileena 647,766,235
5. Sektor 699,619,171


1. Sheeva 604,511,923
2. Sindel 886,088,240
3. Quan Chi 996,169,098
4. Mileena 1,071,462,141
5. Shang Tsung 1,100,241,747

I excluded Skarlet for obvious reasons.

PS3: 4,602,769
360: 9,723,653

I'd say my personal 5 least used are:

Shang Tsung
Quan Chi
Kung Lao
i dont see it working out like they say or how the leaderboards are saying. Mileena seems to be NRS girl fav. lately and Quan Chi is a big part of MK4 since thats what is next. I know it is all being rebooted and they can appear in the game but not on the roster, but I think it will be the 5 least used that dont have anything to do with the next games storyline.
Quan Chi
Kratos (I really wanted to use Krato's more since I am a GOW fan but he is just so damn sluggish in this game)
I will never understand the hate for Sindel. Game play aside, I think she is one of the most unique characters in fighting games. She's an older woman (very rare in games), she's royalty, and she can hold her own (she is not the typical damsel in distress), and for being way past menopause, she does have a rockin' body.

When it comes to game play, Sindel is one of those characters that are always "undiscovered". When MK3 (not UMK3) came out, I picked Sindel out of curiosity because she was new. Once I learned how to use her, the snide chuckles from people stopped because in the right hands, she was a good pick.

The only downside to her in this MK game is her levitate move...useless as clothes on Mileena.
Lets say that they do use that as the template for who to cut from the roster. Who would it be?

My guesses:


i want them to keep kitana, jade, nightwolf, and stryker. anyway i think the 5 most used characters from mostly online(what i play the most and a good indicator):
1. noob
2. sheeva
3. quan chi
4. shang tsung
5. jax
for the record i want everybody except sheeva to be in the next game. but i really don't want the next game for a couple years.
I love using Sindel shes fun and I like the fact that I rarely see other people use her makes me feel special :D I agree though her levitate is pretty pointless although it has saved me once or twice but it also has screwed me over once or twice lol
After more playing I rarely use

1. Sheeva - No fun
2. Shang - Dont get the up fireball, and sometimes I end up using that when I meant to uppercut
3. Baraka - Just kind of slow moves
4. Quan Chi -WTH is that tiny zapper move?
and 5. Jax - I never felt like pressing start while playing 2P to learn his moves. Maybe Ill get to him

And also Kratos uppercut makes him weak

Now out of those the only one I can definitely say I want them to replace w/ a better character is Sheeva
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