5 Least Used Characters?

Raiden, keep him in the story, but doesn't have to be playable
Kano, I find him boring for some reasons, his moves aren't bad tho.
Shang Tsung, he has been in some many games already, a fighter who can morph into the other characters isn't cool anymore.
I say still have them in the game story but don't spend anytime updating them just do an auto upload for MK10 if you own MK9 you can play as them in MK10
Based on my observations:

Shang Tsung
Kratos (Though I use him.)

Obviously, Mileena and Kung Lao are often used in tournaments.

I'm worried about Jade though. I don't see many ppl use her too.
And the 5 least used characters might not make it in the next game.
My list,,

5-Cyber Sub-Zero (is not like sub-zero moves :(

4-jax (.... I don't know

3-kratos (I used like a live doll in practice and fatality some times

2-Sonya ( I hate her

1-sheeva (no goro no shokan