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  • I see; haven't you ever gotten that urge though, like, "This guy's beating the crap out of me, I wonder what it would be like if I've played as him?" Saying that though, I mean strictly for single player only, not online though, as that would be pretty annoying.
    Hello Taj, just wanted to ask you a question, if you don't mind. I've noticed you're pretty adamant about bosses not being playable in MK9. Why is that? Is it because of the reasons Hector mentioned or is it something else?
    Word up bro, since the only Dynasty warriors Ive played was DW:strikeforce, so the DW7 is kinda a new experience to me. I havent tried Conquest mode yet, but I feel your pain regarding Free Mode not being included. I kinda like the weapons, but I agree with you on the fact that its a bummer we can only play as a certain character for each stage in story mode :(. But all in all its pretty good imo, again the fact that Ive only played one DW and like all the other SW games :p.
    But yeah, how are things going for you man? So psyched that its exactly 19 days till the release of MK 9! And Im actually really looking forward to the MK webseries, especially after reading the new interview we got today :)
    Hope you enjoy the stories bro!!!!
    Wow I missed some awsome good stuff in that online pass thread lol I will +Rep you if it lets me I think I have to spread some out first
    Awesome bro!!! Im sooooooo stoked to get my hands on DW7!!!!
    Hope theres some good DLC that will come later with the game ;)
    Hey bro, I just wanted to let you know about the movie Red Cliff coz I remember you asking me about any good recent martial arts films. Its literally Dynasty Warriors The Movie! XD Im deff watching it over again tomorrow before I get my hands on DW7 but if you do rent it or plan to buy it, deff get the 2 disc edition since its like almost four hours long, split into 2 parts ;)
    Anyways, heres the trailer and one of my fave comedic scenes :) Enjoy bro!
    Oh yeah forgot to write it but it's me that gave you the rep in the Shao Kahn thread from that stubborn guy.
    For your name blending problem: Go to the edit profile thing. Change the background color in the header section. Hope that helps.
    sweet!!!!!!! :D Youll deff be one of the first guys Ill play mk9 with!!!! God I cant wait till april! I also noticed you got soul calibur 4! Great game isnt it? We should fight each other some time ;)
    Hey Taj, long time no speak!!! Hows uni treating u?
    Anyways, I was wondering if I could add you on xbox live, just got it this week...let me know if ur cool with it!
    **sigh**. Bro, the whole Sub-Zero confusion is starting YET AGAIN! Go check it out. Its under question about subzero.
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