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  • Glad to see you back and posting from time to time bro! Hardly any Mk discussions going on these days.:(

    Pretty stoked for MK10 though, I hope the story will be epic. :p
    Haha, same o for me as well.
    Mortal kombat, school, poetry, running, and girls. I got into dancing in March. I'm a really good dancing now. I learned how to dance a lot of things and I'm looking into being a dancer and a poet.
    Ughh, yes! I hated it when they discussed about gameplay. It was very annoying.

    How you been, dude?
    Hey, man, wussup! How you been? I haven't talked to you in a while.

    It's really good to you have back at TRMK. As you can see, this place has changed, A LOT. It was a good thing you left, though. You left RIGHT in time. TRMK was full of idoits but it's dying out now. I actually took a break from TRMK as well but I didn't tell anyone. It was a short one.

    Other than that dude, Arankyd and I needed you here when the whole Freddy thing was going on. It was crazy as ****.

    I changed a bit, as well. I've been training with my Liu Kang each day to become good enough to go to a tourny. Although I still pick having fun and story over gameplay.

    Other than that, good to see you back again:).
    I didn't mind the old rep system, but I'd rather see a different upgrade added to it, for reporting -Rep flame messages.
    In the old system, if someone -Repped you and left you a nasty message, you couldn't report them because they would never leave their name (obviously).
    It would be cool to see that implemented.
    Just the same way that there is a report button at the bottom of each post, a report button for -Rep messages would be nice too.

    It also has been nice to have a break from the rep system for a little while, and not see dumb messages like "Cry me a river," "You're gay" or something of that nature.
    Yeah, we held the fort down good back then. ;-)
    Good to have you back again.

    It really sucked that the flux of idiots came in at the time of Freddy.
    At some points in time I came close to calling someone a harsh name, but I held myself back.
    I've calmed down, since then, atleast knowing that I don't ever HAVE to face a Freddy user, if I don't want to. :laugh:

    I saw myself using Cobra Commander as a NEW way to come back, and try to be more mature. ;-)
    The minute someone either starts flaming or is insinuating an argument, I just ignore it.
    I had to learn to stop feeding the trolls. LOL
    In case you were wondering about my sig:

    It's a joke on this meme that was going on for a while.
    Some people started posting / using My Little Pony avatars and just posting My Little Pony everywhere.
    So, I just photoshopped a pic of Cobra Commander kicking a pony and used it as my sig. ;-)
    Even after that whole Freddy fall-out, I got some nasty replies on threads that were irrelevant to the subject of Freddy.

    It was during that time (about August 9th or so) that I said "**** it," and took a whole month off to come back when the threads were back to normal.
    It was also at that time that I had Pat change my username to Araknyd_Commander and gave my whole profile the Cobra Commander theme. ;-)
    Damn, I almost forgot about the system rep thing.
    Ok, so you remember the fall-out with Kratos being announced, how for some time, it was me, you, Aldo and bbblp againts it.

    People lashed out even more than that, and started abusing the system giving -Reps with flame messages attached to it.
    I alone got about 6 -Reps in the span of 2 days just for stating my dislike for the idea of "NRS whoring out the MK franchise," like you just said.

    Well, it got out of control, to the point that Pat took it out completely after handing out some necessary bans, in the hopes of putting out the fire left by Freddy Krueger.
    It worked.
    Pat, at the moment it contemplating bringing back ONLY +Rep, but he's trying to find a way to implement it, where people won't abuse it in THAT way, either.
    Good to have you back, Taj.
    I missed you, man
    Especially during the whole Freddy Krueger DLC debacle.
    All I thought during my stand against the Freddy DLC lovers was, "Damn, Taj would understand where I'm coming from."

    Changed my username from Araknyd03 to Araknyd_Commander a couple of months ago, to match my profile theme with Cobra Commander, but I'm still the same Araknyd. ;-)

    - Jorge
    dude if you read all my post on this topic that is what i have been telling them all most word for word its about time some one else see this for what it was and that is business
    WOAH!!!! That does sound intense man!!!! So its right before you start story mode or is it before the main start screen? And also how long was the video?
    Hey man I noticed you were from ontario also, I'm from Barrie, I was wondering if you found any sort of scene for fighting games in ontario.
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