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  • Aha, its good your not finding the workload that much...first year just killed me!!!!!! It was such a crazy transition from highschool to university! How ru finding it? And lol really? I always knew i wanted to do some form of medical career and bio has always been my fave subject :D But yeah, i had an exam last friday, one yesterday and my last one is on thursday...cant wait for the holidays!!!!!! And yeah, ive put some thought into getting the kollecter's edition, and overall i think its worth it in my opinion. Also im sure ur super excited to turn legal ;) Drinks galore!!!!! lol Whats your fave drink? My two personal favorites are tequila and Grand Marnier...sooooooooo good!!!!!!!:D
    p.s. do you have xbox live?
    I live in Pickering...been here ever since I was 5, but my parents and entire family are from Romania...what about yourself? And nice, a close friend of mine is planning to do political science also for law school! Good choice bro! For me though, its all biology and stuff coz i want to get into dentistry. :D
    Im in Year 2, studying Human Biology, and yeah, I had my first exam already last friday, then one monday and last one on thursday...what about u?
    Lol, I read up on one of ur threads man, and u go to UofT Mississauga? LOL, Im also at UofT, but im at the Scarborough Campus! XD Talk about a small world! I bet ur have exams now as I do...best of luck man!
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