Sky Valley
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  • I would like to speed down the street in a wagon while hitting people in the head with flight wheels. For educational purposes.
    Shitty triggers? I'll hopefully look around for some third party pro controllers.

    I cannot fukking wait for e3. I remember how hard I tripped when I first saw Melee. I thought seeing the denim in Mario's overalls was the most high tech shit ever.

    Zelda game with Skyrim graphics? God please. Metroid looking like Mass Effect? Get out of THE JOHNNY ROOK's face woman. DK looking lik National Geographic? Want
    Got my copy of Sinsation refunded because it never showed up, bought it for cheaper and WITH a tracking number this time. About $10, should be here Friday.
    I will take a picture of me physically handling Swining. How much is it on Amazon? Fountain of miracles and track 7 'greatest good for the greatest number' are my sickest songs oh and find it it forget it.
    Haha good shit... I only saw dude post once... never saw him again after being called out that the name was wrong :rofl:
    There is a lot of Zelda in there. I even think theres a blatant reference in the first dungeon. You have to light all of the torches to reveal a secret treasure.

    If you can get past the horrid first level, then the game is awesome. Word of advice, save your money for the Scythe. Too badass. There's a dude in the game, The Watcher. When you meet him in the story tell me about it.His relationship with War totally reminds me of the clown with Spawn.

    Its also funny you should mention Warcraft since it seems like that's what the second game is based on. I don't like it nearly as much as one, but the story is great.
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