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  • I'm going to make a Sky Valley Appreciation. Tomorrow. Too tired now.
    I'm pretty sure I made one before. Maybe got deleted? I hope not.
    One of those cockblocking image hosting sites. I would never post a Waluigi picture on your page without good reason.

    If the Fallout Online game ever comes to fruition, lets start a clan. I'll be the doctor turned Raider who managed to wrangle you into my posse. And of course will be the sex crazed lunatic who only wears a business hat and loincloth. Together we will steal other players' Dogmeats and raise them as our own until the game's admin realizes how much of a problem we are and hold them for a ransom of 200 Stimpacks. He will give into our demands of course. Dogmeat companions do not come cheap. I see you thanked my Fallout story a few hours ago, so I'm pretty sure I'm safe to say you're on board with this idea. I'll start making graphic tees now
    It was the Hell Yeah Motherfucker picture you posted in the thread about tahasdfhaskjldf

    I'm sorry. I'm just so excited to see you respond to me. My hands are literally shaking. Literally shaking.
    This is still the funniest thing I have ever seen posted on this site

    Tyler Welby
    Oh snap dude, seriously you made off like a bandit! That is hard to come by and you got it, good for you! And plus for $1, lol that is even better. That print has been long gone and it was the Hell To Go version available. I do not have that copy but totally envious!

    Also pawnshops are great, that is where I got my first out of print Pig albums!
    The man that came to install my new internet satellite got attacked by bees on the roof
    Duuuuuuuuude, I got to jet here off to work but Raymond Watts is going to be apart of that industrial super group with Luc van Acker and Chris Vrenna! Shit is getting real, all three of these dudes are amazing.
    I check his page daily for anything new, so I will let you know as soon as I hear anything. He made a comment about this new band called Primitive Race? It is really secretive apparently and one of the members is Luc van Acker and they just announced Chris Vrenna<3 as a member too, heard about them through Pigs FB. So keep an eye out for them because apparently it is going to be old school WaxTrax style industrial. A dead genre that is in serious need of revival, or does it? Old school industrial had a whole different vibe and feeling about it, so I kind of interested to see how it would be made today?
    Hell ya bro, I want to give you a hug! Those are two of my favorite albums! I have owned them bother over a decade and still listen to them today. Praise the Lard is a classic! I just love rocking the song Gravy Train in my car and the song Sweet Child is so cool, love the chorus. Good job on the purchases buddy, where did you find them?

    I really want A Poke In The Eye to be rereleased and A Stroll Through The Pork as well!

    Are you on facebook? I just got it last month and added Raymond Watts to keep up to date with the new album. I would add him on FB or Twitter.
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