I can be seen sitting in the court yard during the Mortal Kombat tournament. I got drenched in blood that day and the guards took my phone. It was an awful experience that I still haven't recovered from mentally. Its getting better as time goes on but I still have nightmares. One time I checked the calendar to see it was sunny out, so I took grand pep pep for a walk. He suffers from terminal anal hooch sweats and its not a pretty sight when you have to wake him up in the morning with a face full of dry stinky saliva. When he was put down by a firing squad, they offered me his remains but I declined. I never liked the way he looked. So after that I had no one to provide for me and depression struck hard. It wasn't hard to kick my crack habit when I have no money and also being a homophobe. I took a job as an assistance secretary where my uncle use to work. I only got the job after lying about my resume. I promised a few people money to vouch for these lies and it worked. That was probably the single most hilarious moment in my life because I don't even know how to work a stapler nor did I have money to pay those people. Eventually I retired from two days worth of work at the office and realized I had better things to do with my life. So I wrote an autobiography and let a stranger have it and publish it as his own. I never got any credit nor did it sell very well. Eventually, they paid people to take the extra copies. I never read it because it was a boring read.

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