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    Resolutions 2019

    (2018 Thread) New Year, new set of goals and resolutions. Last year, I made a list that I can honestly consider both realistically possible and obviously ridiculous. I didn't really complete any of last year's resolutions, I've actually made much more of an effort in the first 3-6 months than I...
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    Resolutions 2018

    It's that time of year like every year where we're glad to see another year of broken promises to ourselves, regardless of how realistic we make our resolutions. You might as well go big or go home with the resolutions because the worst that can happen is that it doesn't happen (And anyone who...
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    Batman The Killing Joke Animated Movie

    Ok, so I'm not the biggest DC Animated Film fan in the world, but I think this would make a great discussion. To those who have watched the movie, please tell me what you thought about it. Also, if you've read the comic version of it (or watched a video showing the entire comic like most of us)...
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    Bethesda E3 Livestream Official Thread

    This is will be used for the 2017 Bethesda E3 Conference. Twitch Link And if you have Trash Internet like me, this is for Youtube: 9pm PT 10pm MT 11pm CT (My Time) 12pm ET 1am AT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [My predictions...
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    Mass Effect: Starlight Darkness

    Synopsis: Thirteen Years after the war against the Reapers, Lisa Arch Dimenia, commander of the SSV-Dynasty, joins a new inter-planetary Force known as the STAR Alliance who are tasked with defending the Galaxy from crimes that may threaten it's safety. However, something dark may be on the...
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    2016! New Year, New Goals!

    What's up everyone! As we know, with every New Year comes a new set of goals for said year. IMO, 2015 has been a year full of L's for everyone around the world in one aspect or another. However, I really believe 2016 will be the year for everyone. So I'd liked to ask: What is your overall...
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    Redemption: Mortal Kombat

    I haven't posted most of my fanfiction on this site, so I'm gonna bring them over. This is Part 1 of a 2(3?) part story based on my Mortal Kombat fanfiction series. Redemption is a story based around the Tenth Mortal Kombat Tournament and follows the brother of Lui Kang, Chan (aka Hornbuckle)...
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    MKX Fan-Made Character Trailers

    Ok, so I'm working on making Character trailers in a fashion similar to how NRS did them with MK9. The difference is that I'm gonna challenge myself to make the trailer seem a bit misleading storywise just like the Walking Dead did with the season 3 and Season 6 Trailer. Currently, I'm working...
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    YT Channel Debut Video

    I have now began my official YT channel (content wise). This is my first video which pretty much just showcases gameplay clips from MKX and FFXV. I plan to make more videos in the future, but here is my first video. Last but not least, give you honest opinion on the videos and be sure to check...
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    Bethesda E3 Livestream Official Thread

    If you are watching the Bethesda Livestream, we can talk about it here.
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    The Inaccuracy of Shinnok's Amulet

    I'm not sure if this will be explained in the game or not, but I find it strange that no one has questioned the fact that Shinnok is trapped inside of a counterfeit amulet. Years ago, Quan Chi stole Shinnok's sacred Amulet and gave him an exact duplicate. I know Shinnok's Fake amulet is pretty...
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    Variation Speculation

    I'm making this thread for everyone to basically create variations for each character in the MK universe. I will be going through each character from Ashrah to Taven and think about what variations they could have. To speed up the process, I'm going to be doing 2 characters at a time. (Note: Any...
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    [Your Choice] for MKX Confirmed!

    So I made this thread because I seen that people (myself included) are bored with the lack of hype being generated for MKX. I'm hoping this topic will be somewhat satisfying enough to let the community get as creative as possible and also become very enjoyable. Mostly, all you do is fill in the...
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    Ultimate Street Fighter

    I've been writing a brand new 15 Chapter Street Fighter Story and I've decided to post it here. Starting today, I will be posting one chapter a day until next Thursday, with 2 chapters on Sat and Mon. The final 6 chapters will be posted weekly starting Nov 7th. I hope you all enjoy. Lesson 1...
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    [Storyline Theories] Intros of MKX

    I'm surprise no one has made a thread like this yet. I've attempted to compile what Dialogue I've heard in the intros to help learn something about the story. If you find any I've missed or anything that needs to be added/changed, let me know. (Note: I'm not adding scorpion vs Subzero as it...