The Inaccuracy of Shinnok's Amulet


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I'm not sure if this will be explained in the game or not, but I find it strange that no one has questioned the fact that Shinnok is trapped inside of a counterfeit amulet.

Years ago, Quan Chi stole Shinnok's sacred Amulet and gave him an exact duplicate. I know Shinnok's Fake amulet is pretty powerful (As seen in Tanya, Reptile, and Shinnok's MK4 ending), but how will Raiden be able to keep him trapped inside of the amulet when it's not as powerful as the real thing? Also, how did Raiden not notice that he used a fake amulet when he could easily see the truth behind the amulet via pre-mk9 flashbacks? The biggest question is Does this hint at Raiden failing to trap Shinnok for good? Or did NRS make a huge mistake while writing the story?

(Note: Before people start saying "Maybe Shinnok went back in time so the Mythologies story doesn't apply" please note that it is already confirmed in MK9 that the Mythologies story did occur. And Neither Shinnok nor Quan Chi have memories of the previous timeline.)


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Well, maybe it is the REAL amulet this time around, and NRS kinda retconned the whole fake amulet thing. But you could be right about it being a fake and therefore won't hold onto Shinnok for long.

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It wouldn't surprise me if Shinnok himself was culpable in Quan Chi counterfeiting the amulet, knowing full well that Raiden would buy the ruse.

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And why would QC just leave after shinnok blasts Raid and Fujin in the jensei temple?

That just seemed odd to me