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How was your 2018?

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(2018 Thread)
New Year, new set of goals and resolutions.

Last year, I made a list that I can honestly consider both realistically possible and obviously ridiculous. I didn't really complete any of last year's resolutions, I've actually made much more of an effort in the first 3-6 months than I did for ever year before. 2018 for me was a fantastic first half and a decent to mediocre second half. For 2019, I plan to do pretty much what I did in 2018 and take it to the next level. More effort is going to be major requirement for me, especially when I get to the second half of this I'm planning my resolutions out differently by reducing it to around 8 and making it obtainable by December 2019. I'll try and give an update every 3 months.

  • Release 20+ Youtube Videos
  • Beat 20+ Games
  • Spend less than $500 on gaming
  • Consistently workout 2 days a week
  • Learn 200 words in the Following Languages:
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Japanese
    • Yoruba
  • Create a big project in C++
  • Complete 15 Drawings
  • Consistently work on my Fiction-Paradise website

As with my 2016 thread, I'd liked to ask:
What is your overall review of 2018?
(If Anything) What do you plan to change in 2019?
What are your Goals for 2019?
Make sure the best of me is BETTER than last year!

I just hope I'm appreciated A LOT more than before.
- somehow get "the circle is complete" trophy on Doom
- finish more games
- read some more books
- go to less movies
- work out more

theres probably more i just can't think of now.