Batman The Killing Joke Animated Movie


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Ok, so I'm not the biggest DC Animated Film fan in the world, but I think this would make a great discussion. To those who have watched the movie, please tell me what you thought about it. Also, if you've read the comic version of it (or watched a video showing the entire comic like most of us) then please mentioned that as well.

Before I give my review of the movie, I'd like to preference a few things. I actually like the DC Animated Films alot. The only one that I've disliked so far is the Wonder Woman animated film, to a certain extent. Mainly, my dislike for that movie was the unrealistic misogynistic personality they gave Steve Trevor in that movie. It made him so annoying I just stopped watching the movie. Outside of that, it was a great movie and it makes me excited for the live action movie along with its trailer. I've read the Killing Joke (online in a video showing the whole comic of course) and I loved it. I was always hoping for an animated adaption and they announced it. I don't like movies that intentionally oversexualize female characters because it comes off as childish and ruins the flow of the movie (kinda like Steve in Wonder Woman), but if it's tame then I can deal with it. And then we have Batman The Killing Joke. Don't let my opinion of this movie be the end all be all of it's quality though.

The Killing Joke is exactly what its title says, an f'ing Joke! This has to be the worst DC Animated Movie I've seen in my entire 22 years of life. Idk wtf they did with Batgirl in this movie. She was a straight idiot and a social reject. I've never been so happen to see her get shot a day in my life. Actually, I wasn't happy to see her get shot because that was just as bad. In the comics, the moment was tragic because we though she died, but in the movie they gave off waaaaay too much exposition in that scene proving that she indeed did not die but only got paralyzed. I mean, comic fans knew this but the scene isn't suppose to depict that fact at all. The scene with Joker torturing Gordon had no emotional impact. Joker's story was still good, so that's a plus. And the ending just...ended. Why didn't they make an actual ending instead of ending it mid-battle? Nope, instead they decided to give us that garbage emo 30 minute prologue that made me dislike Barbara rather than making me actually not want her to die (or in this movie's case, get paralyzed). I haven't been so disappointed with a movie/animation since the Ace Attorney Anime's first episode. I'll never be hyped for anything surrounding Nostalgia ever again. BBBLP, if you're reading this, this movie is the exact reason why I say I don't want a Sonic Generations 2.0.