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  • Been alright. Just beat Borderlands 2. Amazing story man if you played the first.
    your words mean nothing to me unless you send me a titty pic :| hahaha i kid, thank you flying jinkbro!
    Awwwwh you're making me blush :love:
    I'm very satisfied with how they both turned out! I will be improving them once I buy some DLC parts. Atillio felt unfit, I agree, I hope Atrian fits better though. I also need to finish their backstory. I'll do my best :)
    I did it! :) I also decided to redesign Atillio (I want to change his name to Atrian)
    What do you think?

    I absolutely love the hair and the eyes in the first picture, and I love the armor in the second one! It looks so Edenian! I'm going to see if I can attempt to make that in Soulcalibur. Great pictures!
    Sounds like a plan! Do you have any ideas for his costume? I'd love to hear yours before I start to draw it.
    Oh!! I like that idea for Atillio! It could be a good replacement for square wave dive! I feel like Atillio should fight like Kitana, but he should be as fast as Mileena. And his fans should be all metal rather than having a fabric (I feel like maybe that's a little feminine)

    The bow should detach! The concept I showed you has handles on each side of the bow!

    Oh please!! I also want to see what others have done!
    I like that or his father could just be sending Taraus off knowing Atillio will follow. While the two of them are out of the way he takes over Edenia. Once they both return they find out that Taraus's father has made Queen Kitana and Jade his slaves. The two have to put their differences aside to save Edenia :)
    Actually, Taraus and Atillio are rivals! They were both trained together but Taraus is a stronger fighter than Atillio. Instead of Atillio leading the Edenian army, Taraus was chosen because of his better kombat skills. Atillio wants to prove his worth. I'm still trying to come up with a more detailed backstory.

    The father could be an expert archer who saved Jade from a fatal death.

    This is the type of bladed bow I had in mind:

    This is also the color scheme I wanted for Taraus. I really like the olive green color going on in that picture!

    I also did like the fire fan idea for Atillio but the fans should have blades to go with the fire! :D
    I just came up with a design for a new character in MK :) I couldn't make his outfit in Soulcalibur but I'll try to draw it myself! He is Jade's son, Taraus. He wields a bladed bow and arrows.
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