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  • I know you're a big fan of Darksiders II, so I'm assuming you've beaten the first. Why and how was War called?

    I don't think they ever say it. If its revealed in II, please do NOT tell me. But to my vague understanding, the Charred Council set War up. For what again? I know Abbadon hatched the scheme to destroy the hell spawns by breaking six of the seven seals, but what made War intervene? Did the council send him without him knowing? Why would they do that?

    Something about covering up the truth, but what is the truth? Again, if any of this is revealed in II, please do not tell me.
    Yup almost all the soundtracks are beautifully orchestrated. This is place where the music plays.

    I've heard that Darksiders II has an incredible soundtrack. That was a great piece. Do you have the game? What is the setting like when that plays?
    I still got 4 1/2 hours till my actual birth 27 years ago!

    This is my golden birthday too, I will let you know how that goes hombre.
    I know what you mean. You could really feel Hao's pain when his daughter died. Glad you finally got to see it bro.
    Ouch man, I'm sorry to hear that. I've still got 2 more weeks before I start getting exams. I am going to be able to pick it up on day one, but there are other games that I had to postpone until a later time.
    I paused my stand up comedy to listen to it. Powerful stuff bro.
    The drums seemed to just echo while the tapping sound made me feel like I was floating.

    Together we'll cross the river
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