Mortal Kombat (2011)

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Baraka Cyrax Ermac
Freddy Krueger Jade Jax
Johnny Cage Kabal Kano
Kenshi Kitana Kung Lao
Liu Kang Mileena Nightwolf
Noob Raiden Rain
Reptile Scorpion Sektor
Shang Tsung Sheeva Sindel
Skarlet Smoke Sonya Blade
Stryker Sub-Zero Cyber Sub-Zero
Kratos Quan Chi


Shao Kahn has many warriors under his command, but his trust lies solely in the fighters of his own creation. Warrior blood gathered from countless battlefields, fused with sorcery, produced his most effective enforcer yet: Skarlet. An expert tracker, she preys on those deemed enemies of the empire. During kombat, Skarlet gains strength from her opponent's blood, absorbing it through her skin. Shao Kahn has a new mission for this formidable kombatant: Discover Quan Chi's true intentions. And kill him if he plots betrayal of the emperor.


    How to Unlock

    Skarlet can be downloaded on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace as of June 21st, 2011.

    Special Move

    • Up Slash: D F BP
    • Down Slash: D B BP
    • Blood Drop: D B BK (Can be done in air)
    • Blood Ball (Drains Health: F D B FP -U & D To Control
    • Dagger Toss: D F FP (Hold FP to delay second dagger)
    • Air Dagger (Close): D B FP (In Air)
    • Air Dagger (Far): D F FP (In Air)
    • Red Dash: D F FK
    • Red Dash Slide: BK (During Red Dash)
    • Red Dash Slice Up: F + BP (During Red Dash)
    • Red Dash Slice Down: B + BP (During Red Dash)


    • Blood Bank: FLIP STANCE + BL


    • Blood Bath: D B D D BL (Close)
    • Make It Rain: F B D D BK (Jump)


    • Babality: D B D F BP (Jump)

    Pit Fatality

    • Stage Fatality: F B F FP (Close)

    Mortal Kombat (2011)

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