Mortal Kombat (2011)

Select a Kombatant

Baraka Cyrax Ermac
Freddy Krueger Jade Jax
Johnny Cage Kabal Kano
Kenshi Kitana Kung Lao
Liu Kang Mileena Nightwolf
Noob Raiden Rain
Reptile Scorpion Sektor
Shang Tsung Sheeva Sindel
Skarlet Smoke Sonya Blade
Stryker Sub-Zero Cyber Sub-Zero
Kratos Quan Chi


His home realm of Zaterra is gone, mysteriously destroyed ages ago. Reptile is the last known surviving member of his race. He has since made Outworld his home. Shao Kahn has made use of Reptile's mastery of stealth to spy on suspected traitors and slay known enemies of the empire. But the knowledge that he is the last of his kind gnaws at Reptile. He would give anything, kill anyone, if it would bring his realm back from the abyss. Self-pity fuels his aggression as he inflicts suffering and death on others.


    Special Move

    • Slow Force Ball: B B FP (Enhanced: Slow Mega Ball)
    • Fast Force Ball: B B FK (Enhanced: Fast Mega Ball)
    • Slide: B F BK (Enhanced: Slime Trail)
    • Acid Hand: D B BP (Enhanced: Reptilian Hand)
    • Invisibility: D U BK (Enhanced: Vanish)
    • Acid Spit: D F FP (Enhanced: Acid Stream)
    • Elbow Dash: B F BP (Enhanced: Reptilian Elbow)


    • Tricky Lizard: FLIP STANCE + BL


    • Acid Yak: F F D U FK (Sweep)
    • Weight Loss: D D F B FP (Sweep)
    • Tasty: B B F D BL (Jump) *Requires Klassic Unlock*


    • Babality: B F B D FK (Jump)

    Pit Fatality

    • Stage Fatality: F D D BL (Varies)

    Mortal Kombat (2011)

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