What Greases Your Gears?

Watching a bisexual guy bottom in porn. ;)


The possibility of either an announcement of a Dishonored: Definitive Edition for PS4 and X1 or a an announcement for a Dishonored sequel at Bethesda's E3 Conference, also greases my gears.
If I got BOTH announced at this year's E3, I'd be f'ing ecstatic.
Got to see an advanced screening for free of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. The movie doesn't come out until July 31st, and they asked me to stay after the show to answer some questions, resulting in me receiving a voucher for a free movie ticket. So I saw a movie that hasn't come out yet, for free, and earned another free movie as a result. My gears are definitely greased.
Decided to plug in my 360 for old time sakes and play Max payne 3 again. Best random thing i did in awhile. Totally forgot how amazing the game is overall, especially in the soundtrack departmen. not to forget how moist James McCaffrey's voice can get me. Did it all on new york hardcore minute which made it feel even better.

When i get home from work I'll try playing gears 3. Although i haven't played it in like years because my disc scratched up like hell and because of that, I'm likely going to do terrible lol.
The Dishonored: Definitive Edition coming to PS4 and X1, Dishonored 2 coming in Spring 2016, my Back To The Future II replica MAG shoes to add to my collection (coming in the next day) and a possible small touring gig as a live audio engineer with a band, all grease my gears!!!
Plus, the incorporation and copyright for my recording studio name, Facebook business page and recording studio Twitter handle coming soon, also ALL GREASE MY GEARS!!!
Planning a trip to Boulder Colorado to see my favorite band with my best friend and seeing that there is a recreational marijuana dispensary only a block away from the venue greases my gears. That makes things sooooo much more easier rather than stopping at random places in Denver to find a shop. Gonna buy all the edibles!

Even thinking about the weekend vacation is greasing my gears. November can't get here fast enough.
The video game actor Daniel Pesina and voice actress Lani Minella have both greeted my happy birthday yesterday through Facebook.

I told Ms. Lani that I truly loved her voice acting as Sindel (MK) and Ivy (SC) and she replied by saying that she'd gladly do any voice acting for me. ;)

I'm so glad there are still famous people who have that respect and down to earth personality. :)
I thought it would be a a good idea to show you guys this video I made a while back of what grinds my gears ..

I HAAATE to see women bash their ex on Facebook ..let me know if you agree or disagree .


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Godspeed man. Go in there to learn something and be confident in your pick.

I'll be rooting for you hard since you main Sub of course :cool:. Do you know who's in your bracket?

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