What Greases Your Gears?

I went to the beach today in Alameda, California with a perfect temperature. I wanna go next week again and it better be warm!
1. Dying Light
- My ninja outfit.
- The Dying Light Companion App because that can actually give me items in the actual game.
- My weapons. (I still need to look for the two-handed hammer to make my Buzz Killer though.)

2. My trip to the Philippines will be next Saturday already!!!! :)
* I got my Gameboy color with 3 games for it in case I want to play in my trip...
- Street Fighter 2
- Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
- Turok Rage Wars
Rendering images.

The satisfaction comes from the image just looking so much more professional.

Oh yeah dude, definitely. I can't stand having a backdrop on my avatars anymore. Looks like straight shit if it has one. Well depending on what the picture is of course.


I called up to a record store earlier and asked if they would have the Ministry Trax! Box that's exclusive to Record Store Day and they told me they ordered a few copies of it and should be getting at least one of them. That greases my gears real good. At least I know I have a shot at getting the box set.
Having an idea and bringing it to life ... basically building stuff and trying to use interesting materials:

Racing simulator:

Arcade Cabinet:

Console Cabinet:

Gaming desk:

Accessory racks:

Current project is a space sim seat:

Raiden's Conducting Rod Fatality from MKX!!!

I can't stop doing it in Fatality Practice on Takeda, Kenshi, Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, Sub-Zero, Kung Lao, Scorpion, Kung Jin, Quan Chi, and Jax. It's like I pressed the replay button 20 times on each of those characters last night until 3:30 AM. ;)
Damn, that is most impressive. I always appreciated works like this through the use of hardware and electronics. Of course I could never pull it off cause I'm more software heavy, hehe.

Now what goes into this sort of process? Do you draw a blueprint and continue on from there [MENTION=14667]ericleroi[/MENTION]?
[MENTION=10945]YungQ94[/MENTION] I just come up with a basic design idea and go from there. One thing I've learned is that a build of any complexity will throw up a few challenges which almost always means adjusting things so it's best to freestyle with these types of projects

I've posted the build log for the racing sim rig here (runs to about 30 pages with lots of pictures and 'how-to's):


Build log for the space sim seat is here (will be getting back on this project in the next couple of weeks). That on's running at about 60 pages or so:


It makes for a creative outlet - working in IT means I don't produce anything physical so feel I don't have much to show for my efforts. Sounds like you're in that area?
Holy moly that is one hell of a build log.

Nah, I'm too stupid for IT. I work in graphic design mostly, still in college. Focusing on game design but I'm having fun using all these adobe programs
I like the build process as much as using the actual builds and also really enjoy documenting the process. It's great to share ideas on these types of things. I really wish I'd done something like this for a living. Graphic design sounds far more like my thing tbh.
I take joy out of the building process as well. Seeing it progress towards the final step is always the best.

Why don't you do this for a living?

Yeah I think you're right. What you're doing is a real life version of Sketch Up, a 3D modeling software. Not to mention you got the aesthetics downed pretty nicely.
I've thought about it but have a family, a well paid job and too many financial commitments unfortunately. I have a couple of ideas in the pipeline which may be possible to turn into kits. If that goes anywhere, things may change.