What Greases Your Gears?


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I've noticed that most of you miserable f!cks have nothing but grinds in your gears which leaves me wonder: Do you guys like anything? This thread is to discuss the shit that greases your gears, the stuff you like or makes you pop a stiffy. Try to be specific

I'll start of course:

When I make a person laugh
Girls twerkin at a club
playing fighting games and winning in a offline scene
Long walks on the beach (Pffft ha no)
When people enjoy my fanfiction or any product made by me

Nothing "greases my gears." I have a life of depression and misery.


Visiting my best friend's house

Playing older video games

Conversing with iVital

Playing fighting games with my friends offline

Death Note and Yu Yu Hakusho anime

Rosario+Vampire Manga

Any Grand Theft Auto

Resident Evil 2

Bully: Scholarship Edition

Writing fan-fictions

Discussing Resident Evil

Hanging out with the girl I like

Trolling successfully
Making people laugh is always a good one
Helping Elderly people
Getting really High + McNuggetts + Netflix = Good way to start a weekend morning (Though i don't smoke anymore)
That feeling you get when you leave the gym from a great workout
Hell yeah to number 4 Marsh.

Feels like your making a change with your body and it feels good.
Kinda like eating healthy, feels good.
Getting high in tyrannical corporate to make sure that people like NS922 can never get a job in America is going to grease my gears.

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal gooooood.
Exactly why this thread was made for :cool:

Stop hating shit and start loving shit sometimes.
Sometimes because most of the time your gonna want to hate shit
Hmmmm.... Let's see...

Football... especially the HOUSTON TEXANS

Pictures of Brian Cushing.... (see avatar... The man is the sexiest Texans player.)

Pictures of cute animals

Hanging out with my friends

Spending time with LC

Awesome dogs

Oh.. and did I mention football? ;)

I'll try to see if I can come up with anything else... but these are off the top of my head.
Watching when my Eagles win :D

When people say they miss me or admit that they're glad that I'm around :oops:
Yes, the feeling after an intense work out feels amazing.

The feeling you get from helping people or making a change in someone's life for the best.

Passing a Math Test

A good match of MK online, even if I lose.
Lol, Yea. I'm pretty confident when taking a Lit or History test, But on a Math test my whole mind goes blank or either I second guess myself a lot.
Yeah me too. Even if I take online math I get hella nervous.

Also I love when I take off business related clothes like suits and such