What game are you playing right now?


Playing this atm. I don't think there will be any Star Wars game out there will beat this one, currently. Even Force Quicktime Event Unleashed.
We should have gotten Booker as a character instead of a Big Daddy.....

Nah just get Crash. Activision is too busy making COD games so why not use him or buy him back. Plus Booker would essentially be Nathan Drake with the crows power up and minus the "fall-through-floor" stomp.
Took a break from Paper Mario at about halfway through the game, and decided to pick up Super Smash Bros.

The N64 controller is unforgiving on my thumbs, funk this.
donkey kong country returns for the wii in preparation for troplcal freeze. I haven't touched a donkey kong game since n64 and I'm rusty..man this game is kicking my ass.
RED DEAD REDEMPTION this game is awesome! I should have played it sooner, got this puppy for $9 on a whim and boy am I glad I did. awesome graphics, story, voice acting, plot, gameplay, sound effects. Now this is a game!!! It's just like playing a Sergio Leone Spaghetti western movie.

I give it a 10/10
That reminds me, I should have downloaded the original game on the Wii's virtual console, I always wanted to see how it was with GC controls.

Way more comfortable. The N64 stick wasn't padded at all, and sometimes you have to press on it so hard to dash that it starts to get really shitty after a while.

I'm into about 13 hours of gameplay on Paper Mario and I only have 2 stars left to get. Making record time.
As much as I love the series (sans the 3ds game) I still have not played the original Paper Mario. Or Super Mario RPG
I been playing a lot of GTA Online as of late, it gets boring by yourself but with some friends its fun as hell.

Also beat Assassin's Creed 4 recently, it was definitely a step up from 3. Protagonist was infinitely more likeable and the improved naval combat was great. I think it might actually be the best game in the series especially if you like pirates.
Final Fantasy VI - the new Android version

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I just bought IV for the Android a few days ago. At this moment, I'm at the point where I just rescued Rosa and freed Kain from Golbez's brainwashing. One thing that pisses me off about the Android version is that the damn item duplication cheat doesn't work.

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Soul Calibur 2 HD

The Soul Calibur that I enjoyed, when the moves of my characters were compatible with me. Yeah, the one thing I hate about the Namco games is that they mostly keep changing characters' move lists. I think that should stop unless it's a whole new engine and generation.