What do you think will come after the 4th DLC character?

What do you think will come after the 4th DLC character?

  • More New Characters

    Votes: 65 26.1%
  • Boss Characters

    Votes: 15 6.0%
  • New Fatalities

    Votes: 29 11.6%
  • New X-Rays

    Votes: 1 0.4%
  • New Stages

    Votes: 17 6.8%
  • New Costumes (classic costumes, ending costumes or others)

    Votes: 67 26.9%
  • Something else

    Votes: 11 4.4%
  • Nothing (no more DLCs)

    Votes: 44 17.7%

  • Total voters
Im not too sure how they could do new xrays but i would like some more klassik fatalities.

I would also like some more klassic fatalities.
Kabal's, Sindel's, Sonya's Kiss of Death, Jax's Giant Stomp, and Cage's triple uppercut would all be awesome.

& Cyrax and Sektor's.. Obviously :cool:
New XRays and new characters (not gimmick shit like Pinhead or Chucky) please.

pinhead would be a gimmick if they added him now. But you have to admit, he would have fit a whole lot better than freddy

and I honestly think there isnt going to be any more characters
Re: your dlc wish list

Well, I wish that they would give us some DLC arenas with Fatalities. Also, give some NEW fatalities to some of the other arenas in the game that do not have em'. Kintaro kould kill the opponent in Kahn's Koliseum for gods sake.

With that, I'd also like some DLC Fatalities for some kharacters. Not Scorpion, Sub-zero because they have 4 already. I mean for people like Shang Tsung, Johnny Cage, Quan Chi, Jax. Like that.
Re: your dlc wish list

UMK3 Ninja Costume Pack and Cyber Smoke.


Also, Add every character to ladder/tag ladder. (10 fights is too short even on Expert.)

-Endurance matches also in arcade.
-Test your luck ladder
-VS CPU mode
-More fatalities I guess??? (shrugs shoulders)
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Re: your dlc wish list

Robo Smoke and Chameleon as fighters
Motaro as a Boss

and a Fatality Pack. Every character would get 1 new fatality
Re: your dlc wish list

- Kintaro in Kahn's Arena
- Motaro Sub-Boss
- UMK3 Ninjas
- Robo Smoke and his klassic skin
AND Fatalities! I want classic Fatalities for almost every fighter. I miss for example Shang's soulsteal...
Re: your dlc wish list

Tanya. Motaro would be nice too. Or maybe Nudar, the nude fighter. That was cool.

Oh wait, I customed that in Armageddon, that wasn't real.
Re: your dlc wish list

I'd support a Fatality pack, Motaro would be a cool boss addition

Other than that just new characters would be best, then with the compatability packs include alts of the current dlc characters
Skarlet - already had an Alt to my knowledge which didn't make the game then could have MK3 Female Ninja
Kenshi - maybe an original design or pre-blinded, i think he had something similar in a different game
Rain - MK1 klassic
Freddy - Robert Englund design, that'd really sell the package IMO

New characters, Tanya, Li Mei, Frost, Cyber- Smoke, Hsu Hao (just kidding lol). I was really pleased with the addition of Freddy but they'd kill it if they started going mental with 3rd party

*Edit* - Give us the Cyber Reptile skin from challenge tower as an Alt lol
Re: your dlc wish list

I don't really want allot from NRS..

1) UMK3 Male ninjas

2) Taunts for each character.(Excluding DLC characters)

3) Jumping on the Robo Smoke Bandwagon :D
I hope they don't ever release Jason, Pinhead, Chucky etc, it'd kill it. I thought adding freddy was genious but i hope they don't get carried away.

I honestly think that's it for characters, I think Alt's are a possibility but I think their just gonna give it some breathing time.

Give us a Cyrax and Sektor Robo Tag fatality, catch them in cyrax's net then have sektor blow it up or something XD