TRMK Family Portrait


You just made my day bro lol. LiuKang is like the human centipede or somethingXD
Updated with Mizore & Liu Kangbunchanumbers


Haha. Creepy. Thank you.
Anyone who isn't there, it's only because I didn't come across your picture as I was creeping the pic thread.

Just noticed Vix and I look like we are going to vs each other, lol.
Lmao, Jade did the TRMK family portrait the right way.

Meh... I wouldn't necessarily say one is the "right" way... there's just your way and her way LOL

Jade, I like the choice of a pic with my dog... with Rita's pic in there too, every life form in my house made the pic lol
HAHAHAHA! how come am i just finding out about this beautiful masterpiece? my mind has been exploded, mortared, raped and blown! excellent job bbblp and nice collage chad!