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  • Happy Halloween

    I've seen it. Saw it at a young age too.
    Wasn't too bad honestly, wasn't until she sawed his foot off with wire that I lost my manhood.
    Download Tekken music or any other music from internet (I got mine from youtube using a youtube converter), put it on a flash drive and transer it to your PS3 hard drive.
    I used every class except her lol. If you're playing by yourself, I know you're going to want to max out her health and Phasewalk skills the most.
    Hey, I saw you were having trouble beating Jun/Unknown, I posted this in the tekken thread so you might have seen it already, but they both are pretty free to Lee's f+2,1 so you can spam it and they eat it like 80% of the time. I also beat them pretty easily spamming Asuka's u/f+4 and then doing a combo.
    You may think it's boring.
    Its a game where either you love it or hate it. Watch a review
    That reminds me, how's that Snoop Dogg level?
    Everyone on SRK keeps talking shit about it, is it really that bad?
    Fists shoot up out of the purple jizz right?
    Dat shit cray. Have you made your Combot guy yet?
    Dragunov is one of my mains. Can't wait to see it.
    How are they unlocked? Do you get both your characters endings or just the point character like in Tag 1? Is Unknown fighting with the wolf guy?

    FUClK I need this game :cry: + :mad:
    Tekken is my life.
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