I can't get enough of this guy still trying to make tremor.

Still loved the take a dump and opponent throws up sketch.

That post made me :laugh:

In all seriousness, though, I'm glad someone's taking the initiative to try to improve Tremor.
I've been wanting him as a main roster character since 1997, and I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in that.

I really hope that Ed Boon and NRS put him in on the MK10 main roster.
Sorry for the translation. I am Brazilian, I use GOOGLE TRANSLATOR, know almost nothing of English, but I try to post my ideas to others. Maybe so together we have more power to take Tremor, the second plan.:??:
Thank Araknyd_Commander. They are people like you that we need to take Tremor, the second plan. With ideas for fatalities, alternate costumes and special moves for ninja Tremor. People who criticize less and help more.
The moves are good, but I would save the stalagtite / stalagmite moves for someone else, like that horrid creation called Frost.

For Tremor, I think I would like to see him have the ability to use different sand elements.

I do like the Rock Wave and Earth Blast moves that you put there, but some of the other elements seem a little too similar to Sub-Zero and Jax.
They're not bad, they just could use a few changes.
I'll try to think of some tuff too, and get back with you on that.
By the way, what program are you using to do those stick drawings?
I liked his tele-kick and tele-throw, but the clone and the ground pounds gotta go.

NEVER, I repeat, NEVER loose the GIANT STALAGMITE poop stance.
I made some alterations in specific movements.
1 - Attack Stalagmite for Stone Levitation.
stone levitation.jpg
2 - Giant Stalagmite for Exposion Sand.
Explosion sand.jpg
3 - Clay Clone to clone Kid Clay (to give a touch of humor).
Hello Araknyd_Commander. I updated some special moves of Tremor. If you get the program Corel Draw 11, send your e-mail that I step drawings I've ever done in case you think of any changes.
I'm liking the moves, but I don't really understand Portuguese.
Can you please translate it?

Looks cool, btw. ;)
sorry my translation, not mastered the English language. I am using Goggle translator

SAND EXPLOSION - Tremor creates an explosion of sand down the opponent that plays at the top edge of the screen.

TELEPORT KICK - Tremor into the earth and out in
down the opponent with a kick, if not defended plays the opponent as a hook (uppercut).

SKIN ONIX - Tremor absorbs all damage. Duration 5 sec.
Note: during the SKIN ONIX tremor does not can use other special moves.

KICK EARTH EMPALE - Tremor raises a circle of land
the ground, if not defended launches upwards and impales the opponent on the top edge of the screen for a few moments.

STONE LEVITATION - Tremor punched to the ground and makes three levitate rocks. Note: if the 1st hit the opponent to 2nd and 3rd in the hit sequel.

ROCK STRIKE - Tremor shrinks and turns into a ball of stone, if the opponent does not dodge is crushed.

EARTH POUND - Tremor punched to the ground causing a great earthquake of the earth, if the opponent does not jump it will be stunned for a few moments.
(defense only jump)

QUICKSAND - Tremor creates a quicksand under the opponent which leads into the soil and then Tremor pulls out throwing up. (Teleport opponent)

EARTH BLAST - Tremor focuses a ball of earth and launches towards the opponent.

ROCK WAVE - to reach the opponent holds the floor for a few moments.
(defense only jump)
Araknyd_Commander, translated from Portuguese into English of the special moves Tremor. Any suggestions from you will be very well received.
thank you,
Edgar Samuel
earth blast.jpgearth pound.jpgexplosion sand.jpgkick earth impaler.jpglevitation rocks.jpgQuicksand.jpgskin onix.jpgsphere striker.jpgStone Wave.jpgteleport kick.jpg
The excuse of not adding the ninja Tremor is that it is a copy of Scorpion brown, but with our ideas about his special moves using the earth element, and a new visual surely would be enjoyed by fans of mortal Kombat. For me it would be the 5th MK9 DLC (available for PC). Why Ed Boon does a poll on his Twitter to resepito to add it as a new player? My vote would be YES! :)
Tremor artwork by molim