Really? nothing? even when he is a geomancer (a new skill for a character in mk) and he have a very big rivality with kano and the Ling Quei clan? i don't know how people is so close minded to a character with a lot of possibilities....

i mean, it's the same people do when Ermac came out "oh, it's just a ninja with telekinetic powers, nothing new or original" and after the redesign of the character everyone love it.

it's the same with tremor, they need give to Tremor a new design and more development in his history.

pd: By the way, i think this fan art give good ideas for the redesign of Tremor. Maybe not the toxic icon or the pattern in the armor... but something about this pic makes me think it's a very good concept for tthe character.


*Lin Kuei

So because I completely dismiss this character, I'm a close-minded person? Opinions has nothing to do with it, I'm just close-minded without giving anything a chance?

Ookay. Except I tried giving Special Forces a chance and I did thought having an earth-wielding character would be neat for this game. However, nothing has been done to this guy and I don't get why he's got this giant fan base when there has literally been nothing done to him to make him an actual character in a Mortal Kombat game.

Here's the thing, this character has yet to be given any chance whatsoever. Sure, Mortal Kombat X could be THAT game for him, unfortunately, I don't see it happening. I really don't. They could have easily given him a chance in 2011, but they didn't. Instead, he was placed into the challenge tower for the Playstation Vita and that was it. You'd think if they were to give this character an actual chance, they would have done so already.

Ooh, one measly guest appearance in a mode of a game, that doesn't impress me nor does it tell me they're thinking about giving this character a chance. They didn't even bother giving him a move set of his own, just took Jax's moves and placed it in his move set.

Secondly, the amount of people who are already Kano's rivals is plenty. You have Sonya, Jax, Johnny, possibly Cassie, any of the Red Dragon clan, Kabal... You really think they need to make this character be Kano's rival when we have plenty of them? I don't think so. So there's one part of his character that needs to change.

Sure, you might have the whole Lin Kuei aspect thrown in there, but what is there to do with it after knowing that the Automation Program took over and having Sektor being its grandmaster?

So instead of trying to find a way to work Tremor into the game, why not make an entirely new character with earth-wielding abilities? Seriously, a brand new character would be much better to see than this character.

And yes, I know that they can easily work him into anything, give him a brand new story and moves and purpose. But why not just do that for someone completely new than give it to a character that they hardly did anything to?
I don't see why Tremor being in MKX has to automatically = Kano rival.

Why can't he just say "I've had enough of The Black Dragon," and escape and do his own thing?
I'd love to see more neutral characters who aren't necessarily tied to other characters.
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