Stryker thread - "Police Brutality Comin' Up!'

Not enough people posting in this thread :(

A combo I cooked up. 30%

B+1, 2, 2, neutral jump punch, gun shot, dash in, 4

It can probably be made better or continued but just sharing what I came up with and it looks pretty badass
I also got a decent combo. Not sure if its practical though.
B+3, 2 Dash 1, 1 Gun Shot Dash Uppercut = 30% but 32% with enhanced Gun shot. Ive been working on him loads to find a decent combo off B3, 2 but if someone has already done it, credit to you ^^

And yeah, not enough love for the Stryker!
i love stryker. but if theres even a hint of lag, the combos dont connect. same with nightwolf, kitana and skarlet. i miss alot because of that delay. my opponent has to have the bomb wired connection for me to pick those 4. i have 30 mbps wired fast but alot of people have slow speeds and that kills my stryker. his xray does crazy damage!!! and hes kinda hot lol
Easy X-ray combo :
B+2, 2 ,1, 2 X-Ray = 45%
Against wall :) Not really useful unless your in a tight situation. Prefer to use Stryker's meter for other things like my above combo :)
Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere... but I am having trouble getting past zoners who have a low projectile when playing as Stryker (besides just zoning back). I really wish his EX roll throw move had armor for the duration not just the start up frames.

Is that EX roll the best way to get past zoners?
It probably is the best way to get rid of zoners. However, if you see a break in their Spam, Stryker's gun is friggin' awesomely quick :) But I wouldnt really recommend it
Man, Stryker is a a really solid character.. but I have no idea how to use him... any particular stratigy I have to follow to get good at stryker?
I main Stryker

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Anyway, I'm going to hit practice mode soon and dust myself off.

Then I will post combos here for me to look at =D

Heed my advice.

If anyone is out there.

Made a Stryker video

At like 6:20 you said 'might as well go with an uppercut'

I disagree, roll toss would be better as it builds meter and also if you had your back to the corner if you roll toss then you're not in the corner anymore. Just my opinion, though. The video was great, informative and easy to understand.

EDIT: Try not to use xbox notations because I had to go look at my xbox controller to see what you were talking about.
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I tried using Stryker.
His normals are just way too slow for me.
And thats funny because I use Baraka.