Resident Evil: The Rebecca Trilogy

I came back here on TRMK and I am just shocked at how good this story is :o RE, is just awesome and Yung, you made it way more awesome for me ;D Glad you included teh awesome Nemesis =D
I came back here on TRMK and I am just shocked at how good this story is :o RE, is just awesome and Yung, you made it way more awesome for me ;D Glad you included teh awesome Nemesis =D

Thanks man :D

Glad you're enjoyed it. I was thinking about making one staring Jill(:love:)

So look out for that also ;)
Sup bishes?! So the story is coming to a end sadly (:cry:) Maybe one two more updates and I'm closing the story to start a new one. So with that being said hope you enjoy this short update I had... in MS word... for like a month... or 2... :|

The twosome prep for their mission an escort vehicle will be transferring them to the Berlin wall, upon arrival to the Berlin wall Christine gives Rebecca an Analysis of what they will be facing in east Berlin.

"You may see some familiar faces in East berlin, but i'm not going to spoil anything though." Said Christine
"By faces you mean B.O.Ws, right?" Rebecca chuckles

They finally reach the Berlin wall. It's a huge wall made of steel to ensure that nothing succeeds in a attempt the escape east Berlin and is heavily guarded by FBC personnel. As they pull up to the entrance of the wall, they stop at a booth with a FBC agent inside. Christine shows the FBC agent her BSAA card and Rebecca does the same. The agent informs them of the dangers beyond the Berlin wall. He pulls a lever with in the booth opening the wall big enough for people and transportation can exit and enter the infected city. They drive through a tunnel for a quarter mile that finally leads into East Berlin.

The twosome arrive in East Berlin. Most of the city is in ruins with few building in tact. You could smell the rotten flesh of fallen survivors mutilated by the infected or B.O.Ws that roamed the inner city. As they ventured deeper into the fallen capital of Germany A man is set up with a M-200 sniper on a nearby rooftop, he aims at the rear right tire. Pulling the trigger, the bullet connects with the back tire and our protagonist's vehicle swirls out of control and crashes into a transport truck carrying a tanker full of gasoline. The transport truck begins to leak gasoline.

"Shit! get out if the car!" Exclaimed Christine

They jump out the car, Just before they could run away from the truck the sniper shoots the gasoline truck, the shock wave from the explosion. Knocked Rebecca and Christine unconscious.

15 Minutes later...​

Rebecca wakes up in a mysterious room, her hands tied together by rope.

"Whe---, where am I?" She questioned her self... "Christine?" but no response from her partner.

She tries to break free but the rope is tied to tight.

"Maybe I could cut through this rope with my knife" She thought to herself.

Rebecca struggles to reach her knife located on her left leg, she's succesfull and begins to cut the rope. Moments later the rope is weakened and Rebecca breaks free. She pulls out her PDA and attempts to contact BSAA HQ, but the signal is jammed.
Surprisingly her captives didn't take her weapons, Rebecca exits the room and proceeds down a dark hallway outside the room she was held captive inside, she stops.. Rebecca has two options, to either turn left or right down two sub hallways. She turns right.. to see two Granados carrying a unconscious Christine aboard a elevator.

"You have to be shitting me..." She thought to herself in frustration.

Rebecca sprints to the elevator, pulls out her hand gun and fires a series of bullets. The bullets connected with one of the Granados, he falls dead to the ground. The other carries Christine on her back smashing the up button on the elevator, the elevator door shuts.. it's too late....

Cya next update =D
It was sitting inside MS word for like 2 months... Was to lazy to proof read and edit.

Imma about to go Super Sand on you


Next entry better be grade-A quality :]
As the elevator goes down it begins to shake violently and comes to a complete stop on the laboratory floor. The elevator door opens, all of a sudden one of the two power lines holding the elevator snaps, and the elevator begins to swing back and forth. Rebecca jumps out the elevator into the laboratory floor. A few moments later the second line snaps and the elevator falls.

"That was close..." She mumbled to herself in relief.

The lab was full of capsules storing live B.O.Ws, she examined them and most of them were lickers, but something was different about them. They were brown instead of red like they were in Raccoon City.

One of the capsules was broken and something had escaped from it, Rebecca feels something nudging against her leg. It's a small baby licker, unlike the ones in the capsules it was red and surprisingly friendly and did not attack her.

"It's in here somewhere" from a unknown German accent.

The licker hides behind her and whimpers, the ganados were after it.

"Over here!!" A ganado yelled.

"You waste time to protect that abomination? Any failed experiment in the last active Umbrella Lab should be perfect for Lord Coen" He explained

The leader of the small pack of three points at Rebecca signaling an order to attack her. They charge at her, but they're no match for the trained BSAA agent. She dodges the arm swing of one, weak legs him bringing him to his knees and gives him a fatal shot to the head with her pistol. The other ganado proceeds to attack her, but he had a weapon, a sickle. He swings at Rebecca. With amazing reflexes she grabs his arms and uses his own body weight against him flipping him in the air, once on the ground she curb stomps him in his face leaving blood all over the floor.

The last Ganado fell to his knees is dispair. He didn't expect to lose his two best men so fast in against one person.
Rebecca wanted answers. She slowly walked up to him to pistol aimed to his face. She begins her interrogation.

"WHERE IS HE?!" Rebecca questioned.

"I've pledged my loyalty to lord Coen. You will hear nothing from me!" He answered

His head began to grow bigger and bigger until it imploded. The parasite within him grew and began to come out of the area where his head once was.

Rebecca began to shoot the parasite while walking trying her best to avoid being hit. After gaining enough distance from the parasite she pulled out a flash bang from her belt and threw it. The parasite dissolved from the bright light, Rebecca shielded her eyes from being hit by the bright light. A security key slid out the mans pocket.

Crawling out from hiding the licker used it's tongue to pull the card to Rebecca. She picks up the security key. She returns to the broken elevator door, and notices a note that wasn't there before the encounter with the ganados.

It read....

West Berlin operatives are in this building. We managed to capture them, but one escaped. It doesn't matter the one with the black hair will be a great sacrifice to lord coen and her head will be a hung at the inner gates of the Berlin wall to show our dominance over West Berlin. The sacrifice will be done with in the next hour inside the HIVE."

"Coen...." The name echoed in Rebecca's mind, She balls up the letter and drops it on the floor.

She looks down the elevator shaft, and she could either climb up or down it. Even though she has to save her partner the mission comes first. Rebecca decides to climb up to the Research and info Archive floor. The small licker tagged along climbing up with ease while Rebecca struggled.

She finally reach the Archives floor. Inside was a long hallway with doors that had letters on them arranged in Alphabetical order to organize information precisely and find it easily. Rebecca heads to the door with the letter "S" on it for Spencer. She searched the room for about 10 minutes before she finds the vanilla folder with Spencer on it. She even took the time to read what information Umbrella had on S.T.A.R.S she laughed at their description of her back in 98'. Rebecca took pictures of the info on Spencer with her PDA to send to HQ. She looks down at her small companion and noticed that it was licking a trail of blood.
"It's has to be fresh since he's licking it." Rebecca thought to herself. "Hope this isn't Christine's blood"
She follows the trail and it leads her straight to a wounded Christine.........
Hmm, the last part was a bit lackluster.
After I read it I was all like, "so what"

That was just my personal opinion, of course it was a great update. Try throwing some more surprises in there. I wish I knew who this Lord Coen cat was
Hmm, the last part was a bit lackluster.
After I read it I was all like, "so what"

That was just my personal opinion, of course it was a great update. Try throwing some more surprises in there. I wish I knew who this Lord Coen cat was

Well I'm assuming he is speaking of Billy Coen who was Rebecca's partner in RE0

He was being transported to a prison when the whole mansion incident occurred.
Just going to be honest... I'm really not interested in writing this story anymore. I'm trying, but I run out of ideas and the ones I do have come as I write and I don't like that :|

I want everything to be planned out rather than a write and go story.