Resident Evil: The Rebecca Trilogy

Damn cliffhangers
I nice update mi amigo

Thank you, Went to bed super early around like 9:30 woke up at 1AM and started writing.

A solid update, just seems rather unlikely that Four Eyes would just reveal her secret plan to Rebecca moments after first meeting her.

Yea, I feel the same way now.. But I can't go back and change anything now :(
I hate Rebecca but this story is really good!!

Nice work, keep it up, dude, it was a great read. Not just saying that to be friendly, lol, it really is a legit good story, I liked it.
I like Rebecca, mainly because we don't know where she is because after RE1 we have no clue were she. Capcom never confirmed her death so why not try rewriting her story on what I think happened to her.
Beltway notices the Umbrella insignia on the folder that Rebecca was holding.

"Give me the folder" He demanded aiming his gun at Jill
"Do you understand English? I said hand me the folder!"

To save her life along with her two partners Rebecca acts fast, walking slowly to Beltway..Only with in a few steps to reaching him Four-eyes nods at Specter to give a heads up to neutralize Beltway, She gives a fierce kick to the back of his Calf weak legging him Specter follows up with a reverse round house to the back of his head leaving the brute unconscious.

"Strip him of all his weapons, armor and explosives" Commanded Four-eyes
"On it" Responded Spectre

Four-eyes checks her watch, Less than 3 hours before the "Cleansing" of Raccoon city. She walks over to the recently infected Jill Valentine.

"You have to help her she's going to turn into one of them" from the crying Rebecca

"Judging from how pale her skin is we don't have much time to use the Anti-Viral spray, were was she bitten?"

"On the back of her left leg" replied Barry

Barry shows Four-eyes the mark from where the zombie bit Jill, She sprays the Anti viral spray over the wound.

"It's going to take time before she fully recovers from the effects of the T-virus. We don't have time to sit here, The military plans to drop a atomic bomb on Raccoon city in less than 2 hours from now. Their is a Umbrella helicopter picking us up on top of the R.P.D station they are unaware of our betrayal we will take you in as hostages and take out the pilots to leave the city"

"What about all the survivors? They can't just leave them here, Innocent people will die!!" Exclaimed Barry.

"Listen, Umbrella and the Military could careless if we're all torn apart by their creations" Argued Specter "We now know what we have to do, we're wasting time bickering back and forth on what's wrong and right, let's move"

They exit the S.T.A.R.S room with Barry carrying Jill in his arms, they make it to the main lobby were Bertha was patrolling.
"What are you doing?! I said NO SURV---"

A bullet to the head from Specters pistol dropped former USS team leader dead to the ground...

"Are you insane?! She was one on your team, right?!" From the confused Barry.

"Barry they were here to cover Umbrella's name, disposing all of the evidence of umbrella causing this out break" Explained Rebecca.

"We have to hurry he's on his way..." Said Four-eyes

"Who is?" Questioned the weary Jill

"Jill!" Exclaimed Rebecca

"Thank God she's alright" Said Barry

"We don't have time the helicopter will be landing, do you guys know a faster route to the top of the building?" Asked Four-eyes

"We can take the emergency ladder to the second floor to avoid pushing our way through zombies, on the second floor there's a elevator that will take us straight to the top" Replied Barry

Rebecca uses the computer at the front lobby to let down the emergency ladder, they still encountered Zombies taking them out one by one with a fatal shot to the head as they made their way to the elevator. They finally made it to the top of the RPD station.

"The heli will be here within the next 45 minutes, exactly 1 hour until they drop it" Said Specter.

"We have time to kill and you never told me why you and your partner betrayed Umbrella" Said Rebecca

"Shit! Incoming Tyrant B.O.W..." Exclaimed Specter

Four-eyes looks down below to see Zombies being slung around by the Tyrant.


"What is that thing!!?" From the worried Rebecca

"A advance Tyrant B.O.W code named Nemesis, he's programed to eliminate all S.T.A.R.S members by any means necessary" Explained Four-Eyes

"SO THAT THING IS GOING TO KILL US?!" From the frustrated Barry.

"Take Jill back into the building she's not safe out here, we can handle him" Said Rebecca

Barry listens to Rebecca and goes back into the building to find a safe place for Jill, Nemesis is scaling the RPD station with his tenticles in a attempt to Kill the remaining S.T.A.R.S members.

Nemesis finally reached the top of the building, Specter and Four-eyes opened fire on the Tyrant but he walked through the barrage with little effect to him

"His heart! Aim for the heart the only weak spot he has" instructed Four-Eyes

Specter switches to his X-ray vision with his goggles.

"There's a metal plate protecting his heart, our M4 rounds are to weak to penetrate the plate"

Rebecca has a quick flashback of finding the magnum in the trunk of the RPD car.

"Maybe this would be strong enough" She thought to her self


Nemesis attacked Specter, lashing out a tenticle from his free hand suspending him in the air, Specter is gasping for air.
Four-eyes pulls out her knife and cuts nemesis' tenticle setting Spectre free. Nemeis is outraged by the pain, he charges at Four-eyes dropping his Rocket launcher.

Nemesis, with in a few paces of Four-eyes pulls his arm back for a devestating blow to her body, but with amazing reactions Four-eyes is able to dodge the attack.

Spectre sprints to Nemesis' rocket launcher, before he could reach it Nemesis disperses a tenticle sweeping his legs forcing him to fall face first, he was unconscious after the fall.

Rebecca, searching desperately for the Magnum in her Medic pouch finally found it, she loads the 6 chambers with Ammo as fast as she could.

"I'm tired of running, being the weakest link I been through alot of shit and I'm tired of hiding" This was Rebecca's motivator to get out of the city and fight Bio terrorism.

Nemesis is slowly walking to Spectre to finish him, he is shot in the head taking off a small portion of his head, the shot came from Rebecca's magnum to distract the tyrant. He turn to the direction of the shot to see the young S.T.A.R.S member.
Rebecca takes another shot she aimed a little high only grazing his heart..

Four-eyes makes a attempt to pick up the Tyrant's rocket launcher, sprinting to it. She picks it up and aims for the legs to immobilize the beast. The rocket connects and blows off Nemesis' legs immobilizing him, from the pain the beast screeches in immense pain crawling towards Rebecca.

She aims the magnum for his chest, shooting through the metal plate and leaving a hole in his body.
After the intense battle with the tyrant, no words were being exchanged between the survivors, The helicopter finally arrives. Rebecca heads back in the RPD station to acknowledge Jill and Barry, they all loaded the helicopter.

From 60 miles away from the city they watch it explode, nothing was left of Raccoon city after the bomb, the only evidence of Umbrella's involvement was the Vanilla folder code named the "Chambers report"

8 years later.........

Ever since the Raccoon city incident Rebecca joined the BSAA to fight Bio terrorism all over the globe, there was soon to be another attack from Tricell a group similar to Umbrella.
Germany, Berlin

August 24th, 2006......​

"Similar to the Kennedy report of last year this plague is spreading through out most of Europe and Middle Africa, A large concentration of infectants are housed in Berlin we're sending you two in the find the source and eradicate it by any means necessary"

Hope you enjoyed the update, Cya next time ;)
You killed Nemesis.

Your story thus far is invalid and I have no more interest in it, good day sir.

Still mad

This is some awesome fanfic man, Although I know hardly anything about the RE series, I was genuinely interested in what would happen next. DEM cliffhangers MANG!! :p

Good work so far, only crits for now are some typos here and there.
Good job, can't wait for the next update. :D
Before we jump straight into the story I wanted to point out some key things to remember and to help you visualize the story better, So Rebecca is older now she's an adult now and we have no idea what she looks like so I searched Deviant art to see what I could find.
Image her looking something like this (Without the brown hair of course <_<)

August 24th, 2005...
In the search for on Umbrella's CEO Oswell E. Spencer, Rebecca is assigned to dig up any information in the European city of Berlin, Germany.​

"You two are to regroup with BSAA Echo team, beware of hostiles infected with both the Las plagas and Uroborus Virus... We need any info on the were about of Spencer" Orders straight from the BSAA command Europe.

Updated with her mission, Rebecca heads to the armory to gear up and preps for her deployment, upon heading to the armory she meets Jill Valentine, former S.T.A.R.S member who joined the BSAA to rid the world of Bio-Terrorism.

"Heard you were being deployed in Germany, said Jill with a smile on her face. It's not going to be easy, heavy concentration of the Las plagas virus in Germany. I hope they're not sending you in alone."

Rebbecca chuckles, "Yea, I'm leaving in like 20 minutes so I'm on my way to the armory. Where's Chris? Haven't seen him around lately."

Jill sighs, "That's my job as of now, to find Chris..

A man, heavy set approaches Jill with a Spanish accent..

"Rebecca meet Parker he is my partner on my search for Chris, we have to search a abandoned ship called the Queen Zenobia."

"Please to meet you Mrs.Chambers, it's a honor to meet a survivor of the Raccoon city incident" He extends his hand out for a handshake.

"Like wise, it's a honor to meet someone who survived the Terragrigia Panic. Don't worry Veltro will pay for wrong doing." She shakes Parker's hand

Rebecca continues on the Amory, she finally makes it to her destination.

"So many weapons to choose.." She thought to herself.

Rebecca decided to pack light, bring the same M9 pistol from the Raccoon city for good luck and a Desert Eagle magnum handgun.

"Chambers your mission has been updated, you will have a partner on this mission. She's a former U.S.S field scientist who's dedicated her life to stopping the spread of umbrella's Bioterrorism across the globe." -BSAA command, Europe

Rebecca leaves the Amory and heads to the Heli pad just outside the armory, as she hops into the helicopter the Pilot greets her.

"Pleased to meet you Mrs.Chambers you're looking beautiful today....

The pilot was a BSAA agent from Africa, assisting by transporting personnel all over the globe.

"The name is Doug, certified Pilot trained in Africa at your service"

They take off to the air, a 45 Minute trip from London to Berlin...

Tricell research facility, Berlin..
August 24, 2005
5:37, Aproximatly 15 minutes until Rebecca reaches Berlin.​

"You have your assignment Ada, retrieve the Plaga sample and you will receive your reward.. No mistakes."

Wesker turns off his PDA. he walks over to man inside a capsule, he was resting from being a test subject.

"Now, Mr.Coen..

Billy wakes up from his rest to be bewildered, lost and confused..

"You're the first to be administered a more advanced version of the Uroboros Virus, you will have powers somewhat similar to mine like me you will need to a serum to control the virus from destroying cell organization, ultimately stopping the cell cycle killing yourself. I've received intel that the BSAA are coming to Berlin to dig up information on Spencer.. Your job is to lead them to the information, I shall have my revenge on Chris Redfield. Is that understood Mr. Coen?"

Wesker presses a button on Billy's capsule instantly putting Billy to sleep.

15 Minutes later..​

"We're here Mrs.Chambers. Berlin, Germany plagas. oh yea! HQ said regroup with your partner at the Charité, a hospital only a few blocks from here. I wish you the best of luck and tell Mrs.Yamata I said hi"

Doug smiles and takes off back to BSAA HQ, Africa.
Berlin was divided into two sectors, East Berlin and West Berlin. West Berlin was infected free and people lived without a care in the world, because of the government and their ways of Keeping the Las plagas from escaping East berlin, in 03' the second Berlin wall was created and was funded by all nations to quarantine the infected without the use of Nuclear weapons.

West Berlin
6:03 PM​

Rebecca navigates the bustling city of West Berlin with ease, only a few feet away from Charite she bumbs shoulders with a tall man wearing a black trench coat..


She pauses to take a glimpse at the man who walked passed her.

"Wesker?" From the puzzled Rebecca

She finally reaches the hospital, once inside she is stopped by a security guard.

"Ma'am I'm going to ask that you remove all metal ite---

"BSAA operative Rebecca chambers, I'm certified to walk through this hospital with all equipment in case of any bioterrorist attack"

Rebecca shows the guard her BSAA ID card, and the guard acknowledged the ID card

"Mrs.Chambers you are to report to the 3rd level of the building, follow the hallway and you will be in our research laboratory, Mrs.Yamata is waiting for you."

Rebecca follows the security guards direction. Within a few minutes she makes it to the research lab, the place was full of monitors showing test subjects behavior. Most of them were infected with the Las plagas parasite.

"Rebecca, long time no see" Said Christine.

"Yea, about 8 years since the Raccoon city incident. What exactly are you doing here in West Berlin?"

"To continue my research of course, we were the first country to create a vaccine for the Las plagas, With information from the Sera report the special radiation treatment was to dangerous and could kill the host if the Plaga attached the respiratory system causing the host to die from the absence of Oxygen. Our new vaccine only work on the infected with the A and O blood type, So my new assignment is to help you recover info on Spencer and find a victim with a B blood type" responded Christine.
Small update, haven't had time to write so I might as well release what I have done until I get some free time ;)

^ That's only because I haven't played the Resident Evil games.

However I think this fic is awesome so far. Staright to the point and not to complicated. Keep on trucking dude!
Yea, I'm drifting off the ORIGINAL timeline and trying my best to be creative, this is sorta like my theory of what happens to Rebecca after raccoon city because after RE1 no one knows what happened to her. I kinda makes me mad also, Imo she's the second best Female protagonist in the series (We all know who's first :rolleyes:)

And Yes, I hate when people drag on things or take forever to state their point in a argument or story.. lol