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  • Yes, I'm a member there too. Like, I noticed in your signature how it said, "TRDaz" in the corner, and I'm like, "Isn't there a username like that on the TRF's?" So then I checked, and there was, and I got pretty shocked, didn't expect any TRF members on here. :D I'm this member if you're curious. :)
    Sir you can take as long as possible. I wouldn't mind cause your still doing it for me :D
    Hey mate! Do let me know when you finish reading and wht u think.Also I think we can end chapter 2 with that and start chapter 3 :)

    P.S: I think ur inbox is full.
    Hey! Search up this thread on TRMK called "Mortal Kombat Forum RPG" it's like a continuous fan fic thread. I think you would like it. Check it out!
    Hi there, please read the rules of the tourney thread next time, I had to remove one vote from everyone because you cast one vote for each person....if you are not sure how to vote, please ask =)

    Nice. I've been thinking about maybe doing Hotaru, or whoever the Realm of Order guys is, haha.
    Lol! yeah i dont like for people to rush projects. The results never come out well when it is rushed... I've rushed so many Edits in Sony vegas and After Effects. They came out terribad :L

    But i was just curious thanks for telling me cant wait man. Your 3D work is amazing man. Why dont you help with MKHD with Mugen?
    Not trying to rush you or anything, But may i ask hows the mileena render coming along :)
    Its pretty big :laugh: even though I can only see half her face, it looks pretty epic
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