Resident Evil 1-5 and everything in between =)

If you blow their heads off, you don't have to burn them.

You can only rely on a critical hit from a close shotgun blast though, it's much more reliable to torch them.

Can you dodge the enemies without using defensive knifes?

Just run past them, the new movement controls make it easier to run past zombies, conserving ammo.

You can blow heads off with the samurai edge. Headshots are critical hits. Some weapons have higher critical hit percentage than others. I don't know if they are any tricks to get 100% headshots.

Like NWD said, only reliable weapon for crits is the shotgun when it comes to taking down common zombies. Can't rely on the pistol, I actually only got a few pistol crits during my Jill playthrough.

Is there any new content that's not on the GameCube besides looking pretty?

The new movement controls make the game feel very fresh. I thought I was going to be a stubborn vet and keep the tank controls on, but the new movement just makes the game feel so much more fluid and comfortable, while a bit easier since enemies can be dodged easier, and retreating is easier if you're in trouble.

I like Chris's BSAA outfit but it's just weird since RE5 Chris with his RE1 voice actor, lmfao especially since it's a full on RE5 transformation, not just RE1 Chris put in the Lost in Nightmares outfit.


I just finished my playthrough with Jill, I had accidentally chosen Easy mode. I say accidentally because they weren't straight up with the difficulty selection, they ask you how is your playstyle. I guess I misread or something, so I ended up on Easy. I didn't think anything of it, until I realized that bosses were getting dropped really fast by my hands, especially taking down the Black Tiger like it was any other regular spider. I eventually had so much magnum ammo stashed up that the Tyrant was a complete joke, he only made contact with me one on the roof and that's cause I forgot about his run attack.

Well, doing Chris on Normal now, then going to do both again for their secondary costumes, especially Jill's Resident Evil 3 outfit. I can't 100% this game because I simply don't want to put in the effort of crap like finishing the game under three hours, completing invisible mode, and beating the game with only a knife. It's bad enough that there are achievements that require multiple playthroughs like getting the bad and good endings for both Jill and Chris. So basically unless you're super ultra awesome Resident Evil master supreme, you're going to be playing through this game a boatload of times before finishing it completely. I'm not an achievement whore anymore anyway, and I'd like to enjoy my other Xbox One games, Capcom, you snakes :laugh:
I've already played Resident Evil Remake on Wii, it is an amazing remake. I just love it. And i just got it for my PS3 and the game remaster looks amazing. It's really beautiful and very well done remaster.
Is Resident Evil Gaiden worth getting $50 for the Game Boy Color since I went to this store that sells old video games? I mean I am going to the Philippines and I'm not bringing any electronics that require charging in the outlet there because voltage is way different there than in California. I'll have a CD player with my old music albums (NOT BRINGING MY IPHONE) and my Game Boy Color with my MK4 (if I find that game).

I want to satisfy my zombie killing experience while I don't have access to PS3 and PS4, so is it worth the $50? Keep in note that the guy sold the Game Boy Color itself for $40.
Gaiden is a fat piece of shit. It's THE worst RE game ever made. It's worth the $50 just to say you have it. Other than that, no it's not worth it.
i'm loving the new remaster of REmake, it's amazing and a huge challenge to complete, my favorite tactic for killing zombie is to pop their knees with the pistol , knocking them down in tight halls and running before they get up,
Revelations 2 episode 1 just came out today, and it's well worth the $6 , you get the first episode plus after you beat it, you get Raid Mode and that alone is quite fun, when the full game releases, it will have online enabled, anyone want to play on PS4, xXlittledragonXx

some screens i took

Wesker in Raid Mode, he's Paid DLC



Hate that they gave HUNK and Wesker, Claire's running animation so they run like girls, it's completely stupid. You'd think they'd at least give them the same movement animations as Barry. Besides that, the game is good so far, not amazing or anything, just good. Biggest problem with it, and reviewers feel the same way is that the environments are completely uncreative and bland. The facilities on the island just look like a bad, Evil Within ripoff.

Claire, Barry, Moira, and Natalia are all done well, and the enemies are alright. They're pretty aggressive compared to enemies of Resident Evil 5 and 6. Since these episodes are being released weekly, I honestly cannot expect much to change which is pretty disappointing, but who knows, I could be wrong. Raid Mode is pretty fun so far, but the fact that there are microtransactions bugs me, how you can buy respawns, weapons, and more slots. I bought Wesker, the season pass, and the Throwback map pack. One of the throwback maps is supposed to be Resident Evil 6 I guess, it wasn't really much, just a little section with some flaming cars.


I don't see the stage I just played there, so I dunno, might have not been from RE6. One of those is obviously the Queen Zenobia, and the other is Requiem for War from Resident Evil 6, but can't tell what the other two are.

Edit: The image in the upper left-hand corner is of the beginning of Leon's Resident Evil 6 campaign. The levels starts at the banquet hall or whatever it's calling. Lame cause these "throwback" stages are very recent RE games, I'm assuming the lower-right hand corner one is the mines from RE5.
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I'm enjoying it so far, The Forest was kinda creepy in EP1 and it reminded me of Slender Man :laugh:. I think it's awesome that your partner has a unique ability that they can only use, but it's kinda tedious switching between characters at times.
The AI is incompetent at times. I understand the game doesn't want to hold your hand, but when I'm using Claire and Moira is getting her shit wrecked, or vice versa, it's annoying. Especially since they do not attack at all, one time Claire was literally just standing in a corner, taking hit after hit while I was trying to crowbar everyone and their mother. The game has to be much, much better in coop, especially since Moira is a blast to play as. Natalia sucks to play as though since all you can do is point and throw bricks.

Raid Mode's stages in this game are fun, but the gameplay itself I'm not getting into as much as I did Revelations. I guess because the enemies are more fast-paced than Revelations 1, they feel a lot easier to deal with than the ooze that would approach you, and be much harder to stop before smackin' the shit out of you. The trailer to episode 2 shows that things will be more promising in the future hopefully, otherwise I feel this entire game is going to be good, but nothing really special. I still prefer Revelations 1 so far.
Yea, the AI reminds me of Sheva from RE5. Can the afflicted kill the AI partner? Moira never died during my play through of Ep1, and I didn't play Raid mode yet because I went out to buy a new Laptop (Finally :laugh: ). I would've played Co-op online but the Internet here is so ass that it's not even worth trying. Natalia.. Lame? Get out of here, lol. It was fun using bricks on the reskinned Catacomb Zombies from RE6 :rolleyes: , It took a few cases of handgun rounds to find out she could sense the weak spots of those creepy Uroboros infected. Once I found out, I saved a shit ton of Handgun ammo. Natalia is the truth.

Yea, the Cliffhanger had me hype. EP2 drops this Tuesday, right? I won't play it until Saturday because I have a test coming up soon and I'm trying to prep for that shit. I did notice that the afflicted were easier to deal with, and evade. The manual dodge is a life saver in-game. It's also cool that they decided to add a crafting system, I made an exploding bottle instead of the Molotov cause I'm a boss 8)
My AI partner has never died on me, but they have been put into the "downed" state. It happened when I turned that flame turret thing but didn't notice that I had to turn the valve, so my AI partner just chose to stand there and get destroyed until they needed to be let back up from their danger state. Also Raid Mode doesn't have online coop yet, not until episode 4. Also the actions are ridiculous, you can make Wesker do the robot...

The manual dodge system is so bogus to me, it's just catering to noobs who probably though Revelations 1's dodge system that actually required timing and skill was "too hard." The crafting system is cool though, when it comes to bottles, tourniquets, etc.
Wuuuuuut?! No Co-op until EP4?! Bullshit, lol. Wesker doing the Robot :rofl:

I bought the Season pass but I didn't download Hunk, and I was a scrub who couldn't Dodge in REV1 lol.
I shit you not, I tried to counter the enemies because they copy paste the RE6 zombie animations :rofl:

I miss counters, they were so badass. Dodging is cool though, and I feel the same way.
Completely forgot about that. Noticed it right away when playing Raid as HUNK, and that retarded animation happened where the zombie approached your character as if it sneaked up on him/her, and munched on your shoulder...
That was the Combo destroyer while playing RE6 Mercs :cry:

Wasn't there supposed to be a Mercenaries All stars game announced soon?