Random Costume Changes


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Hi everyone! First time I made thread, be gentle. :) BTW, I'm speaking from a mostly-one-player-never-online perspective.

One thing I wish NRS did was they made us choose Ladder opponents' costumes, or at least the game randomly switches them every now and then. So that DLC or alternate costumes could make sense in downloading or unlocking. It would make the ladder more fun and help it look different every once in a while. Sometimes I want to go against alternate Kano or Raiden, or maybe in Tag Ladder when you are going against Sub-Zero and Sektor, Subby could be wearing his alternate while Sektor his human to represent the old Lin Kuei (I enjoyed seeing them both with human Cyrax in Story Mode). But of course, not all the time. And I am not even asking for a different versus render for each.

This isn't a complaint, just an idea. Thoughts? :)
Yea it would spice up the offline if they do this maybe they could make alt.'s for Kahn, Goro,and Kintaro
I totally agree. Not that i think you should be able to choose your opponents costumes, but they should be random. Not only would it create variety, it would help make casual players replay. By this i mean some people may see an alt. Costume they like and then choose to try an unlock it.

I cant see them updating anything like this though, but hopefully the NRS team reads threads like these and tweaks all these littles details for the next MK installment.

Little deatails like this make a good game great. IMO the current MK is a Good game, almost great, but it does lack little things here and there. Unfinished brutalitys , the challange tower reward and Skarlett hints, then not actually releasing her in the final game are just a few things i think would have made this game more complete and a GREAT game. The DLC is also getting sloppy, lots of glitches and no alternate costumes make me feel this game is not Great but is still very good. I assume the free cotumes we have gotten as DLC were being worked on already but didnt make the final cut, as they were uncomplete. I may be wrong but it seems odd they release alternate costumes with new character and dont actually give the new charcter an alternate of there own.
And let's not forget that some characters intros are different when their alt is used. *coughCyraxandSektorcough* For those who play offline, unless you pick those alternates yourself, those intros you just don't see. This really should have been a part of the game to begin with. If you have a character unlocked, they'll appear in the ladder (and not before), but not outfits?
thank you sir, i was thinking the same, please someone should contact NRS to get a look at this opinion, its not hard to have a little update about it.
Yes.. Yes. This would be a very nice touch, indeed. I've thought about this idea for awhile and I can't see this being a bad thing. I play offline and online equally, and I hate playing Old Shang on the ladder. I'd like to see his young form every now and again lol.
Great idea,especially for people who like to play offline.Lets hope this gets to the right people,it shouldnt be hard at all to put it inside next patch