Pokemon Go

This game is the reason I've walked about ten miles this week so far.
I love it and it gets me exercise. Strangely winning combo.
I'm a pokemon fan. I own Pokemon Pearl & SoulSilver on my DS, and Alpha Sapphire on my 3DS, so I already was mad excited for Pokemon GO.
My current team on GO is Mystic, I mainly go around to gyms and stops with my favorites; Jigglypuff, Pidgeot, and a powered-up-to-hell Pinsir.

Apps been screwing up lately though.
There's a gay bar next to my house that's a Pokestop. And a statue of Virgin Mary by my job is one too lol
Know you guys probably aren't down with the idea, but after much trial and error I finally installed a GPS spoofer on my phone. I'm on the other side of the country catching some rare shit right now :pimp:
They wont ban you if you know what you're doing. If you travel too far in an unreasonable amount of time, they'll take notice.

Hmm, makes sense. Sorry I got all hyper on ya lol. I'm still too afraid to try that on my phone. I'd be able to make more progress if it wasn't so hot outside..I love walking around otherwise. Almost to level 17 at the moment.
1 of my friends' dad's memorial plaque is a Pokestop.
I thought it was pretty neat and funny at the same time.
Lincoln Park Zoo has a crapton of Pokestops...

And I found a Pikachu while it never popped up once on my boyfriend's phone. But the two of us are gym leaders.

Team Mystic b!tches :rofl:

Dead. Lol

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Does anyone know if there is another site like PokeAdvisor to see all pokemons IVs at the same time? PokeAdvisor has been blocked now.
It happened a couple of days ago, and I still think this story is funny, at least to me it is.

Down this particular street, a Wheezing would always pop up. But since I'm always in a car that drives fast to where I can't click it in time, I could ever catch it. So one day, my mom is driving and I decided not to care about anything except for this goddamn Wheezing.

It popped, I caught it, wasn't very powerful, but who cares. I caught a Wheezing finally after days of popping and hiding from me.

I enjoy not knowing where Pokemon are at. I really don't care what happens to these third-parties for this game.