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And this is my Rottweiler mix. Her name's Ginger. Don't be scared of her, because she's literally all bark but no bite.

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So many cute dogs and cats; well here are my pets lol

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I've had them since they were pups, they help me so much with my anxiety. Many people think they're gross or whatever..but on the contrary, rats make great and loving pets :3
I share a total of 4 cats with my girlfriend, but she's real weird about me posting pics of the pets online.

But MY little princess out of the whole bunch that I rescued as a 2 week old is this pretty girl: Ms. Pippin!

She was thrown out of a moving car by who-knows and so a couple who found her ran her into PetSmart. I volunteered cleaning cat cages so these people take her to the in-store vet and they said they couldn't keep her because she probably wasn't gonna make it from internal injuries and being so little, but I just had to take her home with me! So I took her home, syringe fed the little kitty, and now she's 2 years old and lazy as can be!


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I still have my Boston Terriers, Oscar will be 12 October 20th and Elvis is 10.

Elvis was just diagnosed in July with advanced diabetes, I have to give him two shots a day, and he is on special food. He is doing great, though, all levels normal. He was way over what he should be (36, the normal level is between 3-7).
I want a cat but I don't know if I'm responsible enough

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If you have to ask yourself that, you're not ready to be owned by a cat.

Yes, I know what I said.....
You're probably right. I can't remember where I put my wallet half the time so its probably for the best that I don't het a cat just yet

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I have a dog who likes chewing bones. If he doesn't have a bone he started chewing my slippers, shoes anything on the floor, I do not know what to do if there is no bone around. Can anyone help with my problem?

My dog was a serious chewer when he was a puppy. Does he like toys? That's what helped my dog, always having a toy to play with, and always encouraging him to play with the toy
Yes he also like toys and destroys it ;0. Just an update BBBLP when I was searching online to check on things whereas dog can chew I saw these dog bones which has different types, brands, and flavors. What do youthink about this product? It says that it's tasty and will keep your dog entertained. I'm open for more suggestions, though.

I would give my dog rawhides a few times a week. Can't give them too many tho, it can mess with their stomachs.

This is the best toy I've ever gotten my dog. Every single toy he's ever had he has destroyed in a day even ones that say "heavy duty, big dog friendly" but this cheap little $4 squeaky toy I found at a grocery store has been nearly indestructible. He's a fully grown blue nose pitbull and it takes him weeks to whittle this down or outright break it. I haven't found a toy yet that lasts longer & and at the same time holds his attention


Keep an eye out for that next time you're out
so cute. I used to have a pet mice name 'Chinu.' she was so cute. Along with her, I have a pair of Parrot name, Kittu & Bittu, fishes, dogs (i still have two).
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