Official Your Pets Thread

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The fearsome beast known as Shelly. Lurking in her lair waiting to feast on flesh...

Shelly has been my sidekick since 1990. She arrived on my birthday when I was in kindergarten.

Click here and just ask if you want to know more of the story of when I got her. Or just ask here. Or make up your own story.

Yeah... so a while back I went to take a picture of Tiger while he was laying on the back of the couch. Well... that a fine idea but then Rikku, our little attention whore, popped up a fraction of a second before the flash went off. This is what the camera captured:


I would say I was upset, but it ended up being a really great shot of Rikku.

Hey Rita
Nice to see you back for a little bit
He never lives a day without

The cat we share this house with (whose name, incidentally, is Freya):



I'm astounded she stayed still long enough to take these.
My dog Tiki and my cat Mew. This is the only decent picture I could take of them since they are both frightened of phones/cameras.

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