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  • I like Kano in MK, more for his personality then his actual gameplay though. Dude is just awesome; plus I love how he just spits on you after he beats you :laugh: That pretty much sums up most of my matches online too lol. Bad connection for the most part, yet finding out some way to win.

    Which movie?
    Yeah, it sucks; I still like the game, but its hard to continue playing it competitively when no one around you plays it; online doesn't scratch that itch lol.

    I did decent; I did really well in player match, and ok in ranked (didn't play a lot of ranked b/c player match was faster for me). When I started getting better w/ Stryker, my MK disc got stuck in my friend's ps3 and he didn't fix it till like 4 months later, and by then MK had a buncha o' patches. But the online was still :barf: After trying to get back into things, I kinda just gave up b/c I got tired of online. Sorry for the mini-rant lol. Wanted to try Quan Chi, but was too busy learning my fav Aussie instead haha
    Not as much as I used too, sorry. :(

    Didn't have an offline scene and got tired of playing online so I kinda gave up playing. I still play it offline and online every now and then though. I mained Stryker and subbed Kano.
    If you would have asked me a year ago, I'd still say not too much. Ever since I platinum'd it a year ago, I don't touch it as much unless my friends want to play. Even then I'm not allowed to play more than 3 matches because I'm a lot better than my friends lol.

    I'm really not that good compared to most of the people on here.

    Short answer: Not much.
    I'm not as active as I used to be, but I get on at least twice a day during the week-ends.
    What really goes on here? Not a lot, just the usual drug-fueled gangbangs, knife fights and circle jerks you'd expect from any good message forum.

    It's actually pretty boring most of the time. People just post things and we watch to make sure they aren't out of line; it isn't too terribly exhilarating. Welcome to the forums, anyway. I'm sure you'll find that there's plenty of fun to be had.
    No, I don't believe so. Any artists or writers here post their work for entertainment or to get some feedback and constructive criticism.
    Yea, there are a lot of cool people here. Some of them might kinda seem like jerks but they just like to joke around. I am a writer here I enjoy writing stories about MK. There are some great artists here too.
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