Official TRMK Tier Rankings: YOU Vote!

Vulcan Hades

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Sheeva gets a 5.5 from me. I heard she has some of the dirtiest frame traps and set ups in the game, but I'll believe it when I see it at tournaments.

Even if she's better than people think, she still has too many bad matchups to be even considered mid tier.

I do think she is one of the most under explored characters in the game though. So I hope a pro player manages to prove us all wrong.


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Sheeva is slower than molasses in January on Jupiter. If your opponent gets in your face, it's lights out if he knows what he's doing, almost regardless of who he's playing. She's got good damage output and you can catch people off guard since hardly anyone plays her seriously. Otherwise, definitely low tier, if not bottom.


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I agree with that. Perhaps you can average up the votes for Sheeva, and pick a combatant for voting.

How Just because I'm a very busy person doesn't mean this isn't my thread or idea. Things in this thread get done on my time. Be patient please.

Thanks =)

PS - Not trying to be rude, just saying. My schedule isn't exactly TRMK friendly lately, so I just need you to bear with me. If I seem to be lagging, feel free to shoot me a PM. I will get this updated as soon as I possibly can. Thanks =)


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I am going to start it later today. Man Eater what did Thirteenthorder order use to kast al the votes? I kan't find it in the thread, I feel that he wrote it.


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Yes guys, continue with this project! Conspiracy!
Anarchy FTW
Nah not really. Thirteenthorder says it's ok =)


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Next to be rated is.

Skarlet, one of Shao Kahn's kreations. She is a deadly user of three bloodthirsty weapons!

Kast your ratings everybody.
Only got 3 days!


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6, I really dont know her character but she has a couple zoning tools and that high damage throw, but other than that..meh