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2010 FIFA World Cup

I know this was last year i was cheering for mexico but all i can say is this.2010 FIFA World Cup SUCKED spain your lucky you won
.Why did it suck Two reasons !.The soccer balls suck in the first game i heard the soccer players saying that its difficult to move it. 2.the referees sucked to tell me this is not a goal
i though this was pretty cool too
btw he was right


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Everton needs to stop playing with their heads up their asses. They shouldn't have lost to Stoke a couple of weeks ago, and they should beat Norwich tomorrow.
FIFA World Cup 2014

Hello everyone!!!!!!!
I was wondering, who will win 2014's FIFA World Cup?

If U have a prediction, share it with me...



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Euro 2012 starts tomorrow!!




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Well, one things for sure.... England won't win. Loads of people are getting their hopes up, but as every major football tournament goes the furthest we'll ever get is quarter finals and we'll be lucky if we get that far. It sounds pessimistic and it is, but its probably true.


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Poland 1-1 Greece

Russia 4-1 Czech Republic

Still have Russia and Poland coming out of the group, but Szczesny getting sent off was a detriment for the Polish squad, who will now be without his keeping for the Russia match.


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No, I am not Canadian, and have no Canadian blood in me whatsoever.

I am American-English-Ukrainian.

I cheer for Ukraine for my grandpa who passed away. That is always my team.

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Lulz... they actually announced the Poland - Greece score on my plane. Shows how much the rest of the world cares about this stuff so much more than Americans.