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skarlet and PSN EU

i am using PSN EU, and today i just downloaded kenshi, but miss skarlet is still missing, i am trying to search in internet why she still not available but doesnt find an answer!!?? does anyone here know when its going to be release for PSN EU ?? thank u so much
Re: skarlet and PSN EU

She is there. I can only really guide you through the UK version of this store, so if you're not in the UK, it may be different. In the PlayStation Store, go through the following menus: Latest > PS3 Add-Ons > "Mortal Kombat 9 downloadable content" (3rd option in that list). Then choose "Skarlet - Playable Warrior" (5th option in that list). Hope this helps.
She seems like a character I would never had cared for.

Oh, another one of Shao Kahn's lap dogs.
Get in line behind Baraka, Shang Tsung, Mileena and Reptile.

But I am a little biased.
Like Fox, I don't care for the female fighters of MK.
But unlike him, I don't hate them.