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Hello, people, I am Dimentiorules. I first got into the series by playing the Nintendo 64 version of Trilogy, which I later traded for a copy of Jet Force Gemini, and have been kicking myself ever since. I don't own a PS3 or XBOX 360, so I don't own a copy of 9, however, I've played it over at a friend's house. The only MK games I currently own are the Gamecube version of Deception and Tournament edition for the Game Boy Advance. I usually use emulators to get my MK fix. The only MK games I've never played, emulator or otherwise, are Deadly Alliance, Armaggedon, Shaolin Monks, and Special forces.

As a stipulation for being apart of TRMK, you have to steal a pair of Love Cowboy's panties.

Welcome to TRMK, son.
Now that's insane Switchblade. ANyways, welcome to TRMK new bloods. Understand the rules and there won't be any problems. Also, I recommend the 1st 6 main MK games (MK, MKII, UMK3, MK4, MK: Deadly Alliance and MK: Deception) and MK9 in your collection.
Hi everyone

Hello, as you might have guessed by the name to the left, I'm Don

I'm from Pakistan, so I guess I'm evil and stuff.

My specialty is 2d. I work on textures, effects, animations, interface and what's left in the 2d sector. Sometimes I'm forced to work with 3d models. .

I'm special because I'm.... uhmmm.... well... I'm extraordinary lazy.
Re: Hi everyone


That was the best introduction and best response ever!

What's shaking Don, stick around and such sir :)

That was the best introduction and best response ever!

What's shaking Don, stick around and such sir :)
Hhahahahahah Lolzz.....Thanks very much Defender of Earth Realm :)

I'm sorry, what was that?

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I couldn't hear you over my freedom.

Tarkatan Warrior write in google "DON'' and you will know about don :)

Please use the multi-quote button, thanks =)

~TRMK Staff
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Well, hello to all MK fans, I'm glad to join this place!
I love MK! I grew up playing it, (is 22 yrs old) my fav are; Sub-zero, noob saibot, scorpion. My female favs are; Jade, and Tanya . Well just a brief intro. Looking forward to interacting with you all.
Nice to have you Karma and welcome to TRMK. Hope you enjoy your stay....

Now that we're friends....can I have a dollar? :turbonaughtdy_1: