New Members Welcome Thread


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Hey there everyone. I'm SubZero7th. You may remember me from such forums as Well..I see some familar faces here...I think and uh, I look forward to meeting those who I'm not familar with..Anyway, see you all around.
Thought I'd join. I've heard stories from around the way. So....yeah.

I'll make this an intro/re-intro thread for everyone (unless I'm a dumbass and missed the intro forum).

I have arrived

Well, since MKO is gone (thanks to a fat idiot who must not be named), I guess I will be here and RoK until a new forum rises from the dust. So, hey all.
Guys it's gonna come back up. I was talking to CT and he said it's not gonna come back up this week., but will eventually.
Lmao Hari Kiri is the coolest thing ever! ANd i highly doubt the posts were saved, that just means we have to work extra hard to get the flamage back! And i'm ready.