New Members Welcome Thread

Hey mods!

READ YOUR GOD DAMN REPORTED POSTS OR QUIT! We have SPAMBOTS, like the two accounts above me as of this post, and it's YOUR JOB to get rid of them! For the record, we recently had cases where it took MONTHS for them to get rid of them, which is completely unacceptable because it should only take a few short seconds of your time per case! Spambots like [MENTION=30309]JasonRoups[/MENTION] and [MENTION=30291]Donaldfuend[/MENTION] are NOT welcome here!

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Hi there guys!
It is strange that I am here the first user in 2020. But on the other hand 2020 is more then weird so that is ok I guess :)
My name is Carlos. I come from Athens, Greece. I have been a fan of MK universe since childhood so it is really awesome that I found such a powerful community :)
Hope to have fun on the forum!

Hi welcome Carlos. Just an FYI, this forum has mostly been dead. There are some very good people here. While others... I'm not going to comment about because those others are not open minded and not welcoming to other people who are different from the usual people they see. But again welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Also to all new comers WHO ARE NOT SPAM BOTS, you are all welcome as well.