NetherRealm Studios Debuts New MKast Video Podcast

Jeff Greeson

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<a href="">NetherRealm Studios</a> has debuted the second season of the "MKast", the official podcast for the <b>Mortal Kombat</b> developer. <b>Hans Lo</b> and <b>Hector Sanchez</b> sit down for the premier episode in the last days of the old <b>Midway</b> building before moving to new offices within Chicago after the transition to <b>Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment</b>.

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Wow thanks Jeff!! I can't believe how good this is looking. I love Scorpion's victory pose, where he goes down into hell. Awesome.
At 7:57 it appears as though Sub-zero is getting ready to do his spine rip, but Predator style, grabbing the spine and ripping it out. :D
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while it's probably safe to assume Sonya is in the game, that picture is definitely concept art. pretty sure they have Sonya's MK vs DC character model in that screenshot as well.