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  • Hey dude, just wondering if you ever used to post on Prodigy's BBS waaaaaay back in the day. It would have been around when MK3 first came out. I think I got to this site from there back in the late 90's and I have been using this site for MK news since. I just realized it's been 15+ years now o_O
    Hey Jeff! I just wanted to thank you for founding TRMK and making it what it is today. So, THANK YOU!!
    Hey Jeff,

    Love the collectors edition strat guide I won from the Dallas Demo meet up (in Plano). Just need 600 more respect points to complete the game.

    Loving it!
    Dude what is up with the ads that say "follow trmk on twitter and the Facebook add" is there a way you guys could keep them on the side like how they used to be thanks
    Jeff can you please update your website to show "SOLD OUT" on the GameStop PS3 Kollector's Edition?

    Sir Greeson, are you a busy man? I've rarely seen posts made by you other than News and just wondering what you have been up to lately.
    why i get in touble four answerin that mens queston,,,i dont undestand ,,,he ask if i shower fish smell off and i answer him,,,i hope he got in trouble two,,cuz this is not realy fair at all,,,,maybe nxt time guy ask a queston i wont answer it nicely ill act like the rest of turkeys and put a nasty message up ther is this what you want intead? please reply back my mk friend
    Look at my tag called LoCo and see if u can help me out plase. That tag is for the LoCo X-Box 360 and PS3 online Gamer Tags only. To use the LoCo tag so plase dont use with out asking. not my rules but u can go in the tag in help the LoCo players out. I jast got in not that long ago and I am the only LoCo on this right now so dont tack it in an bad way I need some help.

    Jeff and Pat (sending to both) I just got the following news from the comic con in Philly, I posted it in the news section on the forum, hope that was the right place.

    Just spoke with ******** at the Wizard World Philly Event. He was helping set up the DC booth. Sorry about not naming my source but for the few news bits he gave me, he asked I not reveal his name, so he wouldn't be revealed as a "spoiler monkey", his words. As he stated, he's part of a team of few. "Not many, but a few. But more then a couple" that are working on the game with Midway. Again, his words.

    They discussed in the early stages that the MK Universe could be one of the 52 Earths that make up the DCU, but for legal reasons with Midway/DC/WB, etc, and other "complicated boring issues, not having anything to do with the game," this WILL NOT be the case. The way the 2 universes meet is finalized, but will only be revealed in Issue 1 of the comic. And plays out to a much better story anyway.

    The tie-in story is pretty much completed. There are still a few tweaks to be made, since a few game endings for different characters are a major story point in the comics. And each character's endings are being written by the DC team, with a ton of input from Midway.

    Said the comic will have a huge TWIST that no fan, DC or MK, saw coming.

    The artist will be announced soon, probably at the San Diego Comic Con.

    He said DC might run a 2 or 3 page preview in some of their monthly books, but that will be much closer to the release of the comic or game.

    I asked if the story will be an Elseworlds story or fall in the DCU proper. It will NOT be an Elseworlds story, but don't look for any references about the event in any DC books, besides a very small few, IF that. No MK characters will ever show up in any other DC books, EVER. He said there will not be an issue of Batman with flashbacks on the event or Batman discussing what happened with Robin.

    Robin? So he is in the game? I get a big *smirk* and Yes. Add Robin to the list. I then of course asked, which one? Tim Drake? Dick Grayson? Jason Todd? Stephanie Brown? He said the story will take place in the present. So Tim Drake? And he confirmed with a head nod.

    I must have named off every MK character and DC character that came to mind to see if he would let me know who else. He said a few are quite obvious on both ends and confirmed the following: Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern (didn't say which GL or Flash but said that doesn't mean there is only one of each in the game) Black Canary, Hawkman and Powergirl.

    MK characters he confirmed were - Kabal, Sonya, Jax, Raiden, and Kitana.

    I asked how many of each universe or total. He couldn't say. A fair amount of each is the answer he gave. I asked about DCU villains. He said yes. There will be more DC Heroes in the game, but the Villains will be represented. Would not say which ones made it into the game.

    Also confirmed, due to more legal reasons, none of the Charlton characters from the DCU made it into the game - Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, The Question. And the same goes for the Fawcett Comics characters - Captain Marvel/Shazam!, etc.

    They are working very closely with Midway on the game and how the DCU characters will play out - moves, looks, etc.

    He couldn't tell me anything on special moves or finishing moves, fatalities etc. No info on the blood in the game either.

    No info on a release date, but he does know about when its due out. And wouldn't say.

    No Wii version. But then stated "at this time". No plans for a PC version or some type of DS or PSP spin-off. They are signed on for 2 games. This one, and if sales permit, a follow-up.

    Each platform - 360/PS3 will be exactly the same. No console will get any type of extras or bonus content like exclusive characters or game modes. When asked which system he preferred, he said he owns both, so both.

    There will be DLC. But wasn't sure exactly what or when. He said there were a few stages and costumes cut from the game, so that is a possibility. As far as more characters, he said that is something Midway will decide on later. But if he had to guess right now, he said we might see 1 or 2.

    There will be a Special Edition of the game for each system, for of course more $$. It will likely include some type of early artwork, behind the scenes/making of DVD and a reprint of Issue 1 of the comic series. I asked about the addition of a a classic MK game being included and he said he had no idea, that was up to Midway.

    Said online play is shaping up to be awesome. No cross-platform play. Both DC and Midway would have liked to have it, but thats up to Microsoft/Sony he said. And the answer was no.

    That was all the info I could get on the storyline or anymore characters other then the ones he confirmed. Or how he said it, "highly suggested were in the game". No info on any of the game modes or the Kreate-a-Kharacter feature.

    Said fans of both MK and DC comics will be happy with the outcome. They were very serious about the game and did not take it lightly or as a joke in anyway.

    Thats all I have, if I can get anymore info, I will pass it along to TRMK.

    - Trash
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