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*They go off and seat in a booth. As Liu walks off the two begin to conversate about an array of topics such as school, sports, who looks cute, until*

Noob: I just realized something.
Frost: And that would be?
Noob: We are always talking about my love life, what about you lil sis? Is there any guy out there you like?
Frost: Are you serious? Wouldn’t you and Smoke destroy any guy that I could possible like in this world?
Noob: Of course, we just need a list to get a head start on those bastards.
Frost: *Laughs* Well if you must know, I kind of have a crush on that Kai guy.
Noob: Liu’s monk friend? Alright that’s not too bad. Why not ask for his number?
Frost: Because I’m nervous, I never actually been in a relationship so this is my first time.
Noob: Mm. Well if Kai doesn’t work out who else?
Frost: Stryker is a little cute as well but something tells me that won’t work out.
Noob: Ok.
Frost: Oh but there is someone else. If anything else I think of him as my best friend. Someone I would absolutely date if he said he would go out with me.
Noob: Who is this lucky guy?
Frost: *In a heavenly sing-song voice* Jarek

*Noob drops his fork while keeping a straight face causing Frost to burst out laughing*

Noob: Hell even if I were a girl I would never f!ck Jarek even if it meant saving the world.

*This time both friends started to laugh. They we’re still laughing until Noob heard another laugh to his left louder than he and Frost’s laughter. Turning to the left Noob saw a stocky blond guy with a blonde girl with a long pink strand of hair wearing a lot of makeup. The guy was familiar but he recognize that laugh and hair any day. Darla*

Frost: *Stops laughing* What’s wrong? *Looks in Noob’s direction and sees Darla* Oh.
Noob: I cannot believe this b!tch.
Frost: Noob I’m sure it’s nothing-

*Due to commentator’s curse, Darla and that Stocky Bro Dude kiss*

Frost: …
Noob: *Stands up* Hell no.
Frost: *Grabs Noob’s hand before he leaves* Noob don’t do this.
Noob: I’m going to talk to my girlfriend just like I said I was gonna do. *Leaves and heads straight to Darla’s table. The couple didn’t even see Noob until he knocked over Darla’s food* Hey there.
Darla: What the hell you asshole! *Sees that it is Noob and gasps* Oh Noob!
Stocky Bro Dude: Babe, who is this?
Darla: Oh Alex, this is-
Noob: Her “boyfriend”. I’ll deal with you in a minute f!ck face. *Grabs Darla’s arm and takes her to the restroom entrance out of view of the curious customers* I cannot believe you.
Darla: Noob I-
Noob: Shut the hell up. *Takes a deep breath* I’ve been dating you for at least 2 months now. I have bought you tons of shit and did whatever you wanted. Whenever I would disagree about spending too much money, you would always argue. In the end, you would just get on your hands and knees and suck me off just to repeat the cycle. A regular relationship would have understanding but nooo I was too damn blind. Due to that I had to find out the hard way that you’ve been f!cking that dick head out there!
Darla: Noob it isn’t like that!
Noob: *Violently grabs Darla’s arms and shakes her once* Then what the f!ck is it like!?
Darla: Y-You’re hurting me!
Noob: How do you think I feel!? Darla I thought you liked me damnit!
Alex: *Puts his hand on Noob’s shoulder* Whoa bro, I think you better go get the hell away from my girlfriend before things get ugly.

*Without missing a beat, Noob turns around and head butts Stocky Bro Dude Alex in the nose instantly breaking it. While Alex Swag-Magnet was stunned from the head butt, Noob decked him across the face sending him to the floor. Of course this attracted the attention of the entire restaurant patrons but hey, two guys were fighting. Noob got in one final kick until Darla pushed Noob off her “boyfriend”*

Darla: Stop hurting him!
Noob: Oh ok. Yeah now its crystal clear. Well, I hope you two love birds have a wonderful evening. I’ll just leave, dude get that nose checked out. Oh and Darla? F!ck you we’re done. *Walks away from the two and grabs his coat*
Frost: Noob wait. *Saibot exits stage left* Damnit!
Liu Kang: Frost what was that all about?
Frost: *While pulling out her wallet* Noob’s gir- EX-girlfriend over there was cheating on him.
Liu Kang: Oh shit.
Frost: Yeah. *Puts a twenty plus tip down on the table* I don’t know how much the food was but I have to go.
Liu Kang: Yeah I understand. Make sure he doesn’t do anything reckless.
Frost: Right, well bye. *Runs out the restaurant looking for Noob*
Liu Kang: *Returns back to the counter where Kung Lao is* I hope he’ll be alright.
Kung Lao: He’s a tough guy so he’ll be alright. But in the meantime I hope most of our customers enjoyed our dinner and a show special!
Chinese Restaurant Manager: Yeah because that was all part of the plan tonight. Get back to work!
Liu Kang & kung Lao: Yes sir.

*Outside the Chinese restaurant*
Frost: Bi-Han! *Hears some sort of bang coming from an alley* Noob!

*Frost heads over to the alleyway to see several boxes broken along with a couple of trashcans tipped over as well. Not too far from all the alleyway destruction was Noob viciously punching a brick wall*

Noob: Stupid! *Punch* Stupid! *Punch* Stupid! *Punch* Can’t believe I fell for that shit! AAARGH! *More punching*
Frost: Noob stop it! Noob! *Runs over to him and tries to hug him from behind to stop him from punching the wall* BI-HAN!

*With one final tug, Frost pulled with all her might causing her and Noob to fall on their butts. While they were in the sitting position, Frost was panting whereas Noob was, sniffling? (Looks at Notebook) Nope that’s the right verb, sniffling*

Frost: Bi-Han…
Noob: You were right Frost. *sniffs* I didn’t want to believe it but, but… *Silently cries*

*Frost couldn’t possibly say anything to calm Noob down so she opted to squeeze her arms around Noob’s stomach. They sat there like that for a few moments until shouting was heard from the Chinese restaurant*

Alex: I don’t give a f!ck Darla, I’m kicking that guy’s ass!
Darla: Alex Baby please calm down!
Alex: F!ck that!
Frost: Shakes her head* Noob we have to leave.
Noob: Yeah, yeah you’re right.

*Frost helps Noob stand up since he was shaky from crying. Noob opened up a portal and the duo stepped through entering Noob’s dark room*

Noob: *Sits down on his bed* I actually cried over a girl. I am too damn weak for that, hell she didn’t even like me. I knew it was too good to be true, why would any girl want me in the first place.

*Unexpectedly Frost proceeded to bear hug the crap outta Noob tackling him on the bed*

Noob: Ah! Frost what the hell are you doing?
Frost: Hugging you until your un-mad! *Sniffs and looks up at Noob* so please stop being mad. Please… *Buries her face into his chest and starts sobbing*
Noob: … *Sighs and pets Frost’s head* Your too of a person Frost, I don’t think I could be anywhere else without you. Thank you.

*The two stayed like that until they both fell asleep in each other’s arms. Alight time to go elsewhere, say Kung Lao and Liu Kang’s room where Kung Lao is playing Gears of War 3 Horde Mode*

Kung Lao: Damn this is hard.
Liu Kang: *Coming home from work* Kung Lao I’m home.
Kung Lao: Yay.
Liu Kang: Oh your playing Horde Mode? Hook me up!
Kung Lao: … Sure why not. *Backs out and proceeds to hook up the second controller*
Liu Kang: *Gets handed the controller but grabs Kung Lao’s wrist* Are you ready to please the Ancient Ones my pupil?
Kung Lao: No way.
Liu Kang: *In a old Chinese man voice* As small grasshopper climbs, small grasshopper grows. In short, eat your damn dumplings!
Kung Lao: *Bursts out laughing* I can’t believe your using the same Old Chinese Grandpa joke we came up with during freshmen year!
Liu Kang: I remembered it on the way here. Good times with that joke.
Kung Lao: Yeah no kidding.
Liu Kang: Haha. Friend, *Let’s go of Kung Lao’s hand* you were right today, I lost myself. I guess I was happy that I finally got a girlfriend other than Kitana so I was like f!ck everyone else; I could still be happy with or without past lives and such. And for the record I’m still a virgin contrary to your belief.
Kung Lao: Bullshit to the last part because I saw you.
Liu Kang: Ah yes but I did not actually go inside her.
Kung Lao: Uh, what?
Liu Kang: You see sir, I merely slipped in Mystery Bento in between my girlfriend’s butt cheeks. I found that out while on the internet by the way, forgot what it’s called but it has a job at the end of it. *Snaps his fingers* Buttjob, that is what it was.
Kung Lao: Oh, well that clears up things… Did you name your dick Mystery Bento?
Liu Kang: Did I stutter Wang!?

*Both friends lose their shit at Liu’s genitals name. After that the two renewed friends played GOW3 well into the night*

I’m not done yet but I just wanted to get this out. More to come, this is the first update out of three, 1/3 for you stoops who can’t count :rolleyes:. Also comment on the Discussion Thread please.


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Damn what more shit can we expect now kufos for the alex reference

Somthin tells me we haven't seen the last of the jock that got decked by noob
What's up guys. Nice to finally be appart of the group. Just got my registration confirmed. By the way Yung i'm happy I finally got my registration comfirmed man. For a while there I was madder than a one-legged waitress workin at an I-Hop, I tell you what.
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