MK: Curse of Steel

It wasn't really a RE reference, well not intentionally anyway. Yung just noticed some similarities.
The moon lingered in the sky as Smoke found himself in the neighborhood the slip of paper named. The old town was run down, it wasn't far from the contact's mansion, about a quarter mile to the east. As Smoke walked the streets of the seedy town, he could tell that evil ran rampant.
"Hey man, you look like you need something to uplift you... I got what you need, if you got the cash." The stranger's voice caught Smoke's attention. He stood in a dark alley, flashing Smoke the inside of his jacket, filled with different types of drugs.
"Actually, there is something you can help me with." The man cackled opening his jacket again.
"Pick your poison." Smoke pulled the slip of paper out of coat, pointing to the name on it.
"This mean anything to you?" The man's expression became panicked as he fumbled with a switchblade. Swiftly Smoke pinched a nerve in the man's shoulder, causing him to drop the knife and fall to his knees. He began to crush the man's hand under his boot.
"Ahh! Okay! Okay! It's a bar, 5th avenue. People don't come outta there man, and if they do they're bagged up in pieces."
"Thanks." Before walking away he kicked the drug dealer in his chest, knocking him out cold.

He approached the bar, entering through the front doors. Smoke took a seat at the bar, looking around.
"Anything I could get you?" The balding bartender smiled at him.
"Just some water." The bartender squinted looking past Smoke, as if he had saw something.
"Coming right up sir." The bartender stood over the sink filling a glass. Smoke noticed the bartender's hand moving oddly and heard a faint fizzing noise.
"Here you go." Smoke sat there silently for a few more minutes, not taking any sips of his drink.
"You gonna drink that or stare at it?" Smoke eyes narrowed staring at the bartender, who's face was red and flustered. Smoke stood up, taking the glass in his hand and lifting it to his face. The bartender smiled as the glass went closer to his lips, but it quickly changed routes. Instead the glass now shattered over the bartender's head, Smoke catching a fist being thrown from behind him flipped his attacker onto the bar and snapped his neck with one hand. Turning around he saw the room filled with thugs, holding makeshift weapons like bats and kitchen knives. Smoke smirked as the one of the gangsters swung at him.

Meanwhile at the Lin Kuei headquarters, Shen Li entered the Grandmaster's chamber.
"Master Shen Li? It is late, you should head to bed." The Grandmaster was lying in his bed, sitting up in the presence of Shen Li.
"Indeed it is quite late, but something troubles me, it is keeping me awake."
"What is it?" The Grandmaster asked, eager to give advice.
"The man who allowed someone close to me to die, he still draws breath. I don't know whether to seek vengeance or forgive him. It has been so long..." The Grandmaster placed his hand on Shen Li's arm.
"My son, you must do what you feel is right. If this man has killed one of your kin he will eventually have to face justice, whether it be in this world or the next." Shen Li gazed into the dragon medallion.
"I see...."

Smoke ducked the swing of the thug, delivering a punch to the man's throat Smoke shattered his trachea. The other four men were stunned for a moment as they listened to their friend gasp for air to no avail. The skinniest thug charged him, screaming as he brought the kitchen knife down towards Smoke. The knife was kicked out of his grasp and sent flipping in the air, Smoke delivered another swift kick, knocking the man to the ground. As Smoke snatched the knife from the air, one of the thugs reached towards his waist. Before he could draw his gun the knife was thrown into his forehead. As the last two thugs were sprayed by their friend's blood, Smoke lifted his leg up high and the skinny gangster's spine snapped like a twig under his boot as he brought his leg down.
"What the f&%k?! This guy aint human man!" The long haired gang member dropped his bat and then put his hands up in the air.
"Shut up! He'll bleed like everyone else!" The man pulled a revolver from his hip as he puffed on a cigarette.
"Any last words hotshot?" He pulled the hammer back on his gun.
"Smoking will kill you." The man's look was puzzled before his head exploded, his neck spraying blood like a fountain.
"The Butcher. Where is he?" Smoke pulled the last surviving gangster's greasy hair.
"I don't know man! I don't know!" Smoke dragged him over to bar by his hair, smashing his face into the wood.
"Where is he? Last time I'm asking." The pathetic wannabe thug broke into tears, his broken nose leaking blood.
"You don't understand, he'll kill me!"
"And what exactly do you think I'll do to you?" Smoke pulled his sword from it's scabbard.
"I really don't know! He usually uses abandoned buildings! All he said was that he was going to get 'fresh meat'... please... don't kill me man..." Smoke placed his sword back in it's sheath.
"You get to live this time. If I ever see you again it will be a different story."

Smoke walked out of the bar and began strolling down the street. He was disgusted by the condition of this city, as he turned the corner to the next street. After walking a few blocks he passed by a police car, overhearing a conversation between the two officers.
"We got a report of screams a couple blocks north, in a warehouse. You think we should check it out?" The beat cop asked his partner.
"Nah, let someone else handle that shit. I say we get a bite to eat."
"I'm pretty hungry too." The cruiser drove away, and Smoke smirked as he headed north. Arriving at the boarded up warehouse, he could see a man and a woman inside and sirens closing in quickly.
"Hehehe I can't wait to dice you up." The man was obese and bald, a twisted grin on his face. The girl cries were muffled by a piece of cloth over her mouth. The butcher heard the police sirens outside and began to cackle.
"Looks like we are gonna have to 'cut' this short! Hahaha, Ahahahah! AHAHAHA!" The butcher lifted his cleaver into the air, ready to slice.
"Let's get in there! If that's the butcher we have to catch this bastard!" The police officer commanded the other lawmen to use the battering ram to break down the door.
"GYYAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" The police heard the screech come from the inside of the warehouse.
"Shit! Get in there now!" After a few more rams the door caved in, the police were shocked by the scene layed out in front of them.
The sun rose over the horizon as a man shuffled out of his bed. Heading in to his bathroom he did his usual routine, showering, brushing his teeth, and grooming his facial hair. Walking downstairs in his house he waited for his coffee to be done boiling as he smoked his morning cigarette in his back yard. After he flicked the butt he headed inside, pouring his coffee into the mug. His phone rang in his pocket as he sipped the black coffee.
"What's going on?"
"The doc has got a stiff down in his office. Chief wants you to check it out, and the scene where we found him."
"Alright, I'll be down there in a few." The detective flipped his phone closed as he put the empty cup in his sink. He slipped his suit coat on over his collared dress shirt as he walked outside to his car.

Arriving at the police station the detective headed down to the coroner's office.
"So doc, who am I looking at here?" The coroner looked over to the detective, lowering his surgical mask.
"Well I believe this is the serial killer known as the Butcher."
"The Butcher? Doesn't seem like his usual MO."
"You misunderstand, this IS the Butcher. We are comparing DNA from his past crime scenes but we are almost certain it's him."
"At least someone finally got this scum off the street. What's the cause of death?"
"Decapitation, his head had been sliced clean off. I would guess the murder weapon would be a sword of some type, and the killer an experienced swordsman. You see, these cuts are extremely precise almost surgical precision. Assuming he did not miss, the killer took four swings. First, our Butcher had his hand amputated, next he lost his head."
"And the other two swings?" The coroner pulled the sheet off the corpse, revealing it's head that had been cut in perfect quarters.
"I would guess that immediately after the head had been cut off, it popped up into the air. Our killer then took his last two cuts, slicing the head into four pieces. Like I said, whoever this is, they are quite proficient with a blade."

The detective head up out of the coroner's office and into the main section of the police station. He walked over to the chief's office, knocking on the door.
"Come in." The police chief closed the folder on his desk as he looked up to his senior detective.
"Wei, I want you heading the butcher case. Don't let anything out to the press."
"Sure thing boss. Anything else?"
"Yes actually, there was a woman at the scene. She has not been interrogated yet, she is in holding cell A." Detective Wei headed down over to the holding cell to question the woman.

The detective sat across the steel table from the woman, her clothes were torn and tattered but she wore a black coat over them that was in good condition.
"I'm going to need you to tell me what happened last night." Detective Wei folded his hands waiting for her response.
"I was on my way home from work... my car was having maintenance done, and I had no money for a cab. My house isn't very far, so I decided to walk."
"What happened while you were walking?"
"The last thing I remember was walking past an alley, and then something hit me on the head." Tears began to roll down her face as she tried to remember the night.
"I know this must be hard for you, but I need to know everything. What else do you remember?"
"I woke up in the factory, it was dark and cold. He just had me sit there for a while, once he realized I was awake he just kept talking about killing me and waving the cleaver in my face... That's when I heard sirens in the distance, he was going to kill me but then..."
"But then what? What happened in that factory?"
"The other man, he was a ghost. He just appeared from the darkness. He used a sword, he cut the other man's hand off, the one he held his butcher knife in. I heard the man scream and then the ghost told me to close my eyes, and then the police broke the door down. That is all I remember."
"Where did you get that coat from? It doesn't really seem like your style."
"I... I don't know. I thought it was one of the policeman's..."
"We are going to have to take it as evidence, one of the other officers can give you a jacket for now if you want. Do you have someone to call that you can go with?"
"Yes, I'll call my brother." Detective Wei took the black trenchcoat from the girl bringing it down to the evidence lockup.

"Whats this?" The detective asked himself as he pulled a piece of paper from the jacket, reading the name of their city and a local bar. He flipped open his phone, calling another officer.
"Send some cruisers down to the bar on fifth. Call me back if you find anything there." The detective sat down at his desk rubbing his forehead in distress as he read the report on the crime scene.
"Not a single damn drop of evidence..." Wei said to himself as he stared down at the pictures of the Butcher laying slain on the factory floor. After reviewing the folder a few more times he heard the familiar ring of his cell.
"Umm... Something came up at the bar... you are gonna want to see this." The detective sighed as he headed out to his car.
Amazing, Just.. Amazing. Every paragraph is full of detail and is easy to picture inside my head visually.. I wish I had that talent :L

It has that Mystery feel to sit in this update and it was pretty badass how Smoke was like a ghost throughout the update, and it reminded me of Spawn the Animated series Lol, I dunno if you were referencing that in this update but it was pretty cool.

and DAT TEXT Organization :top:
Goddam lame ass Vital.
As soon as I read about the guy in the alley for some reason I instantly thought of Spawn.
I thought I was unique.

Anyway another great update Wraith.


Though I'd say make it less predictable. We all knew Smoke was going to save the day, but it would have been nice for The Butcher to cut up the chick a bit just for that extra feeling of justice when Smoke does him in
Amazing, Just.. Amazing. Every paragraph is full of detail and is easy to picture inside my head visually.. I wish I had that talent :L

It has that Mystery feel to sit in this update and it was pretty badass how Smoke was like a ghost throughout the update, and it reminded me of Spawn the Animated series Lol, I dunno if you were referencing that in this update but it was pretty cool.

and DAT TEXT Organization :top:

I took some inspiration from the Spawn Animated Series, I wanted to give it the same kind of dark feel that show had.

Goddam lame ass Vital.
As soon as I read about the guy in the alley for some reason I instantly thought of Spawn.
I thought I was unique.

Anyway another great update Wraith.


Though I'd say make it less predictable. We all knew Smoke was going to save the day, but it would have been nice for The Butcher to cut up the chick a bit just for that extra feeling of justice when Smoke does him in

Yea I realize it was predictable, but the story is only at the beginning. Lets just say there will be some twists.
Detective Wei stepped out of his car after parking in front of the bar, he noticed the caution tape blocking the entrance of the bar.
"What happened here?" Wei asked the officer standing outside of the door.
"It's a goddamn bloodbath in there sir." The Detective sighed and dropped the cigarette he smoked, crushing it under the heel of his shoe. He lifted the tape up heading inside, pulling a pair of latex gloves from the police duffle bag he began examining the bodies.
"What can you tell me sir?" The officer asked the detective after he had investigated the corpses.
"Whoever did this had to be good, really good. Two broken necks, this guy had a knife in his head before he could even draw his gun, and this one got his windpipe crushed. We are gonna have to wait for the doc to examine these other two to determine the cause of death. And this guy.... wait a minute... we got a live one over here! Get EMTs here stat!" The officer stopped writing down the detective's observations and got the medics from outside.

Smoke had been walking through the dense forests for the past few hours, using the compass to navigate back to the Lin Kuei fort. He had discarded the sweatshirt and gloves he wore in a nearby river, now walking through the forest with a gray tank top and the black pants and boots. After walking for a few more yards he arrived at his home, and headed into his room. Smoke removed his clothes and slipped his Lin Kuei traditional garb back on and placed his sword in the chest at his bedside. He spent the next few hours eating and training, before going and reporting to the Grandmaster.
"The job is done, I received these gems as payment." Smoke placed the three gemstones on the table next to the Grandmaster.
"Excellent, I trust it wasn't too difficult for you? Well nevertheless, you deserve some rest. Enjoy your next few days, we may be getting another contract soon." Smoke bowed to the Grandmaster before he walked out of his chamber.

"Mr. Jiang... Wake up Jiang." The thug woke up handcuffed in the police station with Detective Wei staring directly at him.
"You have some interesting friends Mr. Jiang. All of them were wanted for at least two counts of murder... and now they are all dead. What happened last night Jiang?" The detective folded his hands looking for a response.
"It was that crazy motherf$#ker!" The detective raised an eyebrow as he looked at the man.
"I'm going to need a better description than 'crazy motherf!@ker'. Now, who was he? Did you know him?"
"I never saw that psycho in my life. He knew some crazy ass kung fu shit. Killed all of them without batting an eyelash."
"He was alone? What did he want from you? What did he look like? Damn it, I need answers Jiang!" Detective Wei slammed his fist on the metal table that separated him and Jiang.
"Yea, one guy. He wore a black coat, black pants, and a gray hoodie. He wanted the Butcher, that is really all I know."
"One last question. Did he have a sword?"
"Actually yea he did, he didn't need it though. He killed everyone with his bare hands, he held the damn sword to my neck to get the information out of me." Detective Wei left the interrogation room, heading downstairs to the coroner's office.

"What can you tell me about these guys doc?" The detective stroked his beard looking at the six bodies.
"Your initial theory was right, these two had their spines snapped at the neck. This fellow was punched hard enough in his trachea to cause it to rupture. The cause of death is exactly as it appears on this one." The coroner pointed at the body who had the knife planted in his forehead.
"The bartender died from blunt trauma. A glass struck him in the head hard enough to cause hemorrhaging in his brain. But this last one..." He pulled the sheet off from over the headless corpse.
"It's like his head just burst. It seems like something inside his head began rapidly expanding, like filling a balloon with water until it eventually pops. I'm sorry I don't have anything more for you detective but there is not a single trace of the killer's DNA." Wei shook his head in disbelief.
"It's okay doc. No one has been able to turn up anything on this guy." Wei left the Coroner's office heading outside to smoke a cigarette.

He stepped outside standing next to another detective and looking into his pack.
"Shit... gotta get more." Wei took the last cigarette from his pack and placed the pack in a nearby garbage can. He looked at his book of matches which was also empty.
"You got a light?" He turned to the other detective who was also smoking.
"Yea, here you go." He took the black lighter from the other cop.
"Thanks." Wei kept going over the case in his head but couldn't think of anything new. As he finished his smoke the noon sun was high in the air.
"I need to get some lunch." Wei muttered to himself as he walked to his car.
"I'm going to need a better description than 'crazy motherf!@ker"

Nice little followup chapter. Nothing too crazy, but I enjoyed it.
Over the next few weeks Smoke continued his training around the Lin Kuei headquarters, and Detective Wei kept on his investigation all his leads ending at dead ends. The sun set on the horizon as a courier approached the Lin Kuei's fort, a letter in hand. One of the young warriors took the letter to their Grandmaster. The courier smiled and sped away on his motorcycle. Smoke was sitting across from the Grandmaster eating his meal of chicken and rice.
"What's that letter say?" Smoke placed his chopsticks down looking at the Grandmaster who was reading the letter.
"A contract..." The Grandmaster pulled out a stack of money from the envelope.
"For who?" Smoke asked as one of the serving girls poured him and the Grandmaster cups of tea. The Grandmaster waited for the servant to leave before responding,
"A local criminal boss, around the same area of your last contract." Smoke took a sip of his tea and a bite from his meal.
"I could take it." The Grandmaster placed down his glass and folded the note.
"If you so wish, but for some reason the contractor has decided to remain anonymous. I would be cautious Smoke." The Grandmaster handed the note and some of the cash over to Smoke who bowed and went over to his bedroom.

Smoke was laying on his bed as he read the note, it gave the target's name and an address. He placed the note on the nightstand next to him and pulled the sheet over himself. Tracing the Lin Kuei insignia burned on his chest with his finger, Smoke drifted off to sleep. Waking up at sunrise Smoke slipped on the gray tank top and black pants that had been freshly washed. As he laced up the black combat boots, Smoke decided to leave his blade at the fortress, lacking the trench coat that had previously concealed it. Walking out of the headquarters he ran his fingers through his silver hair, for the next few hours he walked to the nearest town. The city he arrived in was slightly more upscale than the last city he visited, but far from the ideal society. Smoke hailed the cab as he saw it drive by.

"Where do you gotta go?" The cabby turned around facing Smoke who had climbed into the back seat.
"Got a pen?" Smoke asked reading the note once more.
"Here you go." The cab driver gave Smoke the pen and he wrote the address down on a piece of money, handing it to the driver.
"Sure thing, I'll tell you once we arrive." Smoke was silent for the rest of the ride which lasted about forty minutes.
"We're here." The driver turned to Smoke as they stopped across the street of a warehouse. By the time they arrived night had fallen once again.
"Keep the change." The driver's face was shocked as Smoke stepped out the car, handing him six times the amount of the fare. The cab.

Smoke was cautious as he crossed the street double checking the address on the note, then slipping it back into his pocket after seeing he was at the right place. The warehouse was seemingly empty when he first entered, but Smoke felt something wasn't right. All that could be seen in the darkness of the warehouse was a man's body in a chair in the middle of the warehouse. Approaching the middle of the building, the bright lights suddenly turned on. Smoke recognized the man in the chair, the brother of his contact for the hit on the Butcher. The man's throat had been cut, and Smoke turned around quickly to find himself surrounded. The men held Uzi sub machine guns, AK-47 rifles, and pistols all trained on Smoke. The men numbered in the twenties and Smoke was silent, clenching his fist.

"This the guy Jiang?" One of the gang members wearing a similar leather jacket to the men at the bar Smoke had visited looked to his right at the thug with his face bandaged.
"Yea, that's him. Hey asshole? Remember me? I've been waiti-" Jiang began walking towards Smoke, but was quickly stopped. A bang echoed through the warehouse as Jiang's brains leaked from the fresh hole in his forehead.
"We thank you for your services Jiang." The man Jiang was talking to tucked the pistol into his waistband, walking over to the corpse in the chair and pushing it off.
"Sit down." The man gestured at Smoke and then crossed his arms, a grin on his face.
I love the modern setting that you based the story around, it's something new and creative. The story is progressing well, but I Fuggin' hate cliff hangers LOL. Guess I'll have to impatiently wait for the next update. :cry:
I love the modern setting that you based the story around, it's something new and creative. The story is progressing well, but I Fuggin' hate cliff hangers LOL. Guess I'll have to impatiently wait for the next update. :cry:

Having MK in a realistic, modern day setting was my idea for this story from the beginning. I'm happy to see people are digging it, and don't worry, I won't keep you guys waiting for very long. My next update will probably be in a couple of days.
Smoke took a seat in the bloody wooden chair, one of the gangsters came over to him tying his hands with rope behind his back.
"Your friend squealed like a pig. Told us everything Mr. 'Smoke'." Smoke sat silent, his fists clenched tightly, his eyes narrow. The man had a scars all along his bald head and face as he rolled up his sleeves he revealed more.
"They call me the Fixer. Want to guess why?" The Fixer took the pistol from his waist and waved it in Smoke's face. Smoke didn't reply, just kept looking around the room.
"Silent type? Well, they call me that because I fix problems. Problems like you. If it were up to me I'd be cutting into you already, but the Boss wants to see you. Bag him." Fixer motioned towards one of the gangsters who covered Smoke's head with a cloth hood soaked in chemicals knocking him unconscious. They shoved Smoke into the back of a windowless van parked in the back of the warehouse, the gang loaded into trucks and racing motorcycles.

Regaining consciousness, Smoke felt a clammy hand smack the side of his head. Looking around Smoke found himself in a luxurious mansion sitting across from a man dressed in a black silk suit. At the door behind two guards stood, each holding sawed off shotguns.
"I assume you got my letter?" The black suited man chuckled as he ran his fingers through his slicked back black hair.
"You know, I might have been thanking you right now. The Butcher was drawing too much attention to us, but you should have never went to that bar." The man in the suit opened a drawer in his desk pulling a .44 magnum out. He placed a single shell into the cylinder and spun it, aiming it at Smoke's head.
"Before I blow your f!@king head clean off your shoulders, I want you to know why... That person in the bar, the one you threw a knife in his head? He was my son." He squeezed the trigger, the cylinder spun over to the next chamber with a click.
"That's one. Five more, if you're lucky. Oh, and before I forget I sent Fixer and his friends over to you and your buddies' little fort. They'll be seeing you in hell." The boss pulled the trigger once more, another click.
"You are mistaken, the only one seeing hell today will be you and your men." The man laughed as he pulled the trigger, with a bang the powerful slug flew swiftly.

The moon was full and lit up the sky with a faint glow, the Lin Kuei fortress was quiet and the night pitch black. Shen Li walked through the courtyard, entering the Grandmaster's bedroom. The elderly man sat quietly in meditation as Shen Li entered through the veil.
"Grandmaster, I've been thinking... about our conversation a few weeks ago." The Grandmaster opened his eyes, looking up towards Shen Li who clutched the medallion in his hand.
"Ahh yes, did you ever find the man who wronged you?" Shen Li tucked the medallion away into his robe.
"Yes, I found him quite long ago." The Grandmaster stroked his long white beard.
"Hmm, so did you decide whether or not to exact revenge?" Shen Li slipped an object out of the sleeve of his robe, springing towards the Grandmaster. He pierced the Grandmaster's neck with a syringe, injecting a yellowing fluid. The Grandmaster began gasping and mouthing words, attempting to speak.
"Don't bother, the poison is a nerve toxin. You won't be able to speak or move, and in a few minutes your vital organs will shut down. Nine years... nine years the rage boiled inside me. I had to wait until you named me your successor, it feels like it's been ages. My wife, you remember? Modern medicine could have saved her, but you claimed the Lin Kuei had to remain traditional. If I were to try to leave to bring her to a doctor, we both would have been killed for abandoning the clan. Now old man, I will bring the Lin Kuei to it's true potential." Shen Li began walking towards the door as the Grandmaster's body fell limp, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. As Shen Li gripped the door, gunshots rang out in the air.

Back in the manor of the Gang's boss, the shot he fired flew threw the air towards Smoke. Passing through a cloud of smoke, the slug pierced the guard's heart who stood behind Smoke. The bullet exploded the man's heart instantly killing him, and the boss felt hands on the back of his head and his chin. The remaining guard aimed his gun at Smoke who held the boss by his head.
"Shoot me and your boss dies too, slide the gun over to me." The guard kept his gun aimed at Smoke and looked conflicted.
"What do I do boss? What the hell am I supposed to do here?!" He kept the double barrel trained on Smoke, looking back and forth from his boss and the assassin.
"Just give him the damn gun! Or I'll kill you myself!" The guard reluctantly slid his shotgun to Smoke's feet.
"Now, let the boss go, your never gonna get out of here. The only thing you'll do is earn a more painful death." Smoke was quiet for a moment, taking the few seconds to think.
"I don't think so." In one swift motion, Smoke snapped the gang boss' neck and splattered the wall behind the guard with his blood and brain matter using two blasts of buckshot. Smoke opened a drawer in the boss' desk shoving all the bullets he saw in his pockets and loading up the Colt Anaconda with six shots.
The moon was high and the night dark as the muzzle flashes of gunfire lit up the fortress of the Lin Kuei. The sentry on the tower clutched his side as the warm crimson stream flowed from it, pulling back an arrow with the last of his strength he released his fingers from the bowstring.
"Shit! They got one of us!" One of the gangsters nudged the Fixer who looked over to the man with an arrow in his forehead.
"Leave him, we can't do anything now." Fixer unloaded his pistol on the bold sentry, his body falling from the tower. Lifting the Skorpion submachine gun on the ground from his dead underling the Fixer moved into the fort with his men.

Smoke creaked open the door in the office of the boss, looking through the crack he saw three men sprinting in his direction.
"Boss are you..." The gang member was in shock as he saw his boss with his neck limp and loose. Before he had a chance to react, the gangster had the hand he held his pistol in blown off. Smoke wrapped his elbow around the man's neck using him as a human shield as he charged into the hallway. The other two men began spraying their AKs into the flesh of their friend, blood spraying over their faces. Dropping their clips to reload, the two each received a double tap to the head. Leaning over the railing Smoke shot off the last shot into a man running up towards the stairs.

Back at the Lin Kuei fortress more of the gang arrived on their motorcycles and drawing their guns heading towards the gates. Inside the fortress the Lin Kuei grunts were being slaughtered, landing a few throwing knives and arrows into their enemies. Out in the forest a thug noticed a flash of crimson.
"Wait... Did you see that?" One of the last men to arrive pointed out in the forest.
"It was probably nothing, come on we gotta..." The thug was interrupted by the blood spray of the man he was speaking with. Looking down the man had a knife planted in his chest. Going to draw the pistol on his hip, the gangster was stopped by Sektor dropping down from a tree above and planting a dagger through the back of his neck. The thugs inside of the fortress felt a chill as the Sub Zero brothers impaled them with spikes of ice and froze them solid.

Placing the revolver in one of pockets and grabbing the AK 47 and a clip from one of the corpses in front of him, Smoke ran down the stairs to the mansion's lobby. Kicking out the front door, four guards unloaded with pistols and UZIs. For the next few seconds the door was lit up by gun fire.
"You think we got him?" One of the men turned to the other three as they dropped the empty clips to the ground. The man's answer was quick as Smoke turned the corner, unloading on his clip on the men placing five shots on each of the first three and missing the rest. The last man panicked to reload his pistol and Smoke attempted to pull the trigger on his rifle but heard the click of an empty clip. Realizing he needed to act quickly Smoke threw the AK 47 at the last man snapping his knees backwards and sending the pistol flying from his grasp.

Kicking in the door of the Grandmaster's Chamber the Fixer aimed his SMG but was surprised to see the Grandmaster already lying cold and dead on the ground.
"What happened to you old man?" Fixer mumbled to himself and as he began to turn around was hit by a powerful kick, shattering the arm he held his Skorpion in.
"Argh! What the hell?" The Fixer saw a palm flying at his face enveloped in a silver energy. Tapping into the power of the Dragon Medallion, Shen Li's palm connected with Fixer's forehead. The back of Fixer's head exploded open, his brains splattering the wall. Shen Li grinned smugly as he placed the syringe into the palm of the deceased Fixer. Outside the gates, Cyrax joined Sektor in slaying the men who dared to attempt to flee.

Smoke took a pair of keys of one of the gang members outside of the mansion who was bleeding out. Pressing the unlock button, the lights of a sports car flashed. Sitting in the driver's seat of the car, Smoke sat confused for the next few minutes.
"How am I supposed to work this damned machine?" Pressing a bunch of the buttons on the radio and windshield wipers Smoke could not manage to start the car. Walking out of the car and over to the only living man writhing in pain, he lifted him by the throat and threw him into the driver seat of the car.
"Bring me to the fortress! I know your boss told you were it is." Smoke loaded the magnum and placed it to the fearful gangsters head.
"I can't! You broke my damn legs!" Smoke sighed and kicked the crippled gangster out of the seat. After fumbling around for ten minutes Smoke placed the keys in the ignition and began speeding and swerving towards the Lin Kuei fortress.

After a lengthy drive and crashing many times Smoke arrived at the fortress, the attacking Gang had been wiped out by the time he arrived. Looking at the carnage Smoke clutched his fist in anger. Running over to Kuai Liang and Bi Han, Kuai was clutching his arm.
"Kuai, damn it... are you alright?" Tundra released his grip looking at the wound.
"I am ok, they just grazed me. I can't say the same for some of our brothers." Smoke lowered his head in shame, feeling remorse for the fallen clan members he saw scattered around the fortress.
"This is my fault... Where is the Grandmaster?" Bi Han looked over to Smoke after tying a tourniquet on Kuai Liang's arm.
"Tomas... the Grandmaster is dead." Smoke dropped to his knees, he felt sick as he thought of his failure. The failure that cost the Grandmaster his life, or so he thought.
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A freezing wind blows throughout the Lin Kuei courtyard as the clan stands in mourning. The hair on the back of Smoke's neck stand stiff, there is pain in his bronze eyes looking upon the body of his former Grandmaster. The corpse of the Grandmaster lay under a gazebo with Shen Li and the five members of the Elite standing around him. The late Grandmaster lied on a bed of crimson flowers, his family sword in between his cold hands. Shen Li took a torch in his hand as the Elite payed their respects. Clearing away from their Grandmaster, Shen Li stepped forward igniting the deceased Grandmaster with the torch. Shen Li stepped down from the flames, to a podium surrounded by graves marked by swords stabbed into the ground.

"Brothers... sisters... let us mourn for our Grandmaster and fallen warriors, but not dwell on them. These warriors gave their lives in defense of the clan, they are to be honored as heroes. I have arranged for the widows of the fallen to receive the benefits of the medals. Which brings me to my next subject, for demonstrating remarkable valor in defense of the clan, Tomas Vrbada please approach." Shen Li finishes his speech and the guards all bow as Smoke walks up to the podium. Shen Li pins a golden Lin Kuei insignia onto Smoke's ceremonial uniform.
"This warrior has endured survived being taken captive by the invaders of last night. Tomas managed to slip through the clutches of our enemy, executing their leader before escaping. We may have lost our Grandmaster last evening, but the enemy clan has lost everything. Tomas is a prime example of Lin Kuei, fully deserving the title of Elite. This is a difficult time for the clan, so stay here and mourn if you must. The members of the Lin Kuei Elite should join me, the Grandmaster left something for each of you." Shen Li steps down from the podium, leading the Elite to the Grandmaster's chambers.

A chest is presented in front of each member of the Lin Kuei Elite and Shen Li begins to read aloud from a scroll.
"If you are hearing this it means I have passed on to the next realm, I have known all of you warriors since you were but children, watched you all grow into my most gifted students. Take these chests to privacy and open them while you are alone, these last gifts from me will help you all reach your true potential. Always remember as silent as the night, and deadly as the dawn, we are Lin Kuei." Shen Li rolls up the scroll and hand each warrior a key, they bow to their new Grandmaster before leaving for their rooms.

The moon is now high in the air and Smoke sits on his bed running his fingertips over the blade of his sword. He still blames himself for the death of the Grandmaster, the medal he was awarded lies on the ground thrown down in shame. Smoke sheaths his sword taking a deep breath. Inserting the key into the lock of the chest a click is emitted. He curiously lifts a necklace from the chest, a strange talisman attached to the chain. Staring at the strange symbol in his palm, a thin stream of smoke begins to rise from the crimson gem in the center.
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Indeed, maybe one more chapter of exposition. I haven't decided whether to include the next two parts together or separately. I would consider this last chapter I wrote to be the end of "Act 1", I thought up of having 3 maybe 4 acts in total. Just as a way to separate all these chapters.
Water flows heavily, gushing out of the gutters of a large building. The rain is harder than it usually is, as it pours down a man sits alone in the top floor office. At the entrance of this secluded complex two guards stand, the rain pelting down on them. The lone man hears the ding of the elevator and looks up towards his second in command.
"Target spotted. I need a distraction."
One of the guards at the door falls, slumped against the wall his partner goes to investigate. Looking closer the guard realizes his friend has a bullet hole through his neck, his blood washing away with the rain. A glint catches the guard's eye, as he turns aiming his SMG a shot pierces his forehead leaving his corpse lying in the gutter. As the guard's dying act he clamps down on the trigger spraying bullets into the air.

Nearly a quarter mile away a man lies on a ridge, pulling the bolt back on his sniper he catches the shell casing and pockets it.
"There's your distraction. Be at the extraction in fifteen." The sniper speaks into a radio, and waits for a response.
"I got it." Gunshots and screams ring out in the background of the radio as the sniper smirks tying his dreadlocks into a ponytail and sprinting off into the darkness.

A few moments earlier...

"Vladimir we have to stop this! This is treason against Russia, we will be killed!" The man Vladimir stands up from his chair holding a pistol.
"Our company will not be able to be pinned with this crime, I have told you this Nikolai. Besides, not even the Spetsnaz could bring down our company now." Vladimir smiles as he puts his arm around Nikolai and walks toward one of his windows.
"You and me? We are going to the top friend." Saying with a smile, Vlad becomes startled by the sudden burst of gunfire. Nervously he turns to his intercom and hears glass shattering behind him.

Standing in Nikolai's place an assassin concealed head to toe stares down Vladimir.
"I got it." The assassin says as he stabs Vladimir through his hand with a dagger. Dropping the pistol Vladimir whimpers in pain. The assassin smashes Vlad's head into his desk and retracts the knife from Vlad's hand.
"Put your hands on the desk. Now." The assassin holds the blade stained with Vladimir's blood to his throat.
"I'll give you whatever you want... Money? You want money?" Vlad says placing his hands nervously on the desk. Taking another blade in his free hand, the assassin pins Vlad's hands to the desk as he screams out in agony. The man casually repositions his gas mask and walks over to the computer on the desk.

"Tell me your password. Make this easier for both of us." The assassin places a flash drive into the USB port of the computer.
"No, I.. I can't..." Vlad twitches his fingers with a single tear spilling from his eye. With a sigh the hitman walks over and strikes Vlad's elbow with his palm brutally snapping it.
"I can't! I can't! please..." Vladimir is now fully sobbing, the assassin just shakes his head as he grabs Vlad's calf and breaks it like a twig.
"E72I65. Please... just don't kill me..." After a few moments of typing on the computer the assassin removes the blades from Vlad's hands and shoves him into the elevator.
"Goodbye Vlad." Are the last words the russian hears as the doors close. As he descends slowly bleeding out Vladimir begins to pass out. After a few minutes he is reaching the bottom floors, Vlad reaches into his pocket and feels something strange. Pulling out a device the Russian looks confused at the mechanism.

Smiling the sniper looks at the familiar face of the assassin as he approaches the Helicopter with his gas mask in hand.
"Have any trouble?" The sniper asks with a grin.
"Just another day at the job." Taking off in the helicopter the two hear a large explosion nearby. The assassin pulls off his gray long sleeved shirt and reveals a red tactical vest underneath.