MK: Curse of Steel

The night arrived with a gloomy fog blanketing the fortress as Smoke approached the Grandmaster's tent. Cyrax stands guard outside sharpening a large curved blade.
"That's... a big knife." Cyrax lets out a chuckle at Smoke's remark. He runs his fingers on the gold engravings on the base of the blade before turning to Tomas.
"Fancy isn't it? Plus it lops off limbs like you wouldn't believe... I'm pretty sure this handle is ivory. Oh and, the Grandmaster's been expecting you by the way. Sektor should be done in there in a moment." Cyrax looks from Smoke to the whetstone in his hand and sets it down.
"You get that while I was away? You all seem to have gotten some of new toys." Smoke sits down next to him on a stool in front of the tent.
"Actually the old man left it for me. Still feels strange calling Shen Li Grandmaster, but the changes he's made have been for the better." Sektor steps out of the tent with a sour expression, looking towards Smoke and Cyrax for a moment before heading straight to the training dummies. Cyrax closes the drape behind as Smoke enters to the Grandmaster sitting down drinking an herbal tea.
"Welcome back Tomas, I trust your journey was... productive. Tea?" Smoke sits on the ground across Shen Li, slowly taking a sip of tea.
"It was time well spent. Is there anything I can do for you my Grandmaster?" Shen let out a deep breath and placed down his cup on the nearby table.
"A recent associate of the clan has been having problems nearby, they requested help from one of our best. Sektor was just in here to request the contract. He is eager to prove himself, but I'd prefer you to take this one. What say you?" Smoke rose to his feet quickly placing his nearly full cup on the table.
"I can handle it, just give me the details." Smoke crosses his arm across his chest and lowers his fist to the ground, the traditional Lin Kuei salute.
"A nearby city to the west, at the edge of a desert. Their leader wants to meet you to personally fill you in, at the address on this paper. Take the night to rest, and set out at dawn." Smoke accepted the slip of paper from the Grandmaster and left the tent for his bedroom. Even laying on his bed Smoke felt uneasy, closing his eyes he drifted off to sleep.
"Tomas.... Tomas...." A woman stands over him, she wears an expression of great concern as clouds begin to fill the room.
"Tomas!" Tears roll out of her eyes as the room becomes filled with smoke, he feels her touch as she shakes his shoulder.
"No! Please no!" Tomas feels a burning sensation all over his body as the woman covers her face in terror as a figure appears from the vapors, it's red eyes open wide as it plunges a ninjato through her back the blade passing through her heart.
"Why Tomas?" The woman whimpers as blood drips from her mouth and down her dress, shadowy hooded figures surround the demon as it slides the blade from the woman's back. Tomas feels the burning much greater now as the colors of the room fade away, until only the crimson glow of the creature's eyes and the woman's blood remain in the sea of gray.
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Here are just some references I used for thinking of ideas for the design of Cyrax's knife. Next chapter should be in a week or two, maybe sooner. Feedback is always appreciated.



Smoke shot up from his bed covered in a cold sweat, breathing heavily he ran his fingers through his hair. In the darkness of the room he sat, the eyes of the demon motif on his necklace emanated with a faint glow. Picking up his sword Smoke wasted no time preparing for his contract and stepped out from his room. The courtyard was just beginning to come alive as Smoke walked over to the armory, sitting behind a desk the keeper of the armory stared at Smoke for a minute before talking.
"Smoke? The Grandmaster commissioned you an outfit for your contract. Should be in the room to the left." Smoke nodded to him as the keeper rolled out a scroll and returned to his business.
Stepping into the room Smoke laid eyes on his new outfit consisting of a black tank top, loose fitting charcoal colored pants, and a gray bandanna that Smoke tied around his neck. He took a moment to examine the guns contemplating whether or not to take the pistol in his hand.
"Too loud..." He mumbled to himself as he fastened his scabbard around his waist. By the time he left the armory the sun began to rise and night changed to day once more, swinging a sack of supplies over his shoulder Smoke began his journey to the city. Hiking for several days before finally arriving at the city, Smoke felt exhausted. The large sky scrapers and cell phones were alien to Smoke, although all this technology was intriguing to him he stayed his course trying not to draw attention to himself.
"This is it?" He double checked the address on the paper against the decrepit building in front of him. The shoddy house was completely empty as Smoke walked in, all that remained was a creaky staircase leading to the basement. The basement was just as empty as the first, with the exception of a steel door that stood apart from the rest of the building. Slowly he approached the door, carefully knocking. After a minute the door opened up to what looked like a bar with a lone man sitting behind it.
After nearly a year long hiatus, and much deliberation, I can finally say this;
Mortal Kombat: Curse of Steel IS NOT DEAD.

I've had a lot of time to think about potential storylines and ways to improve my writing style but I haven't had much practice over this last year. So for those of you that care there will be an update coming soon, and it will be picking up right where I left off.

If anybody has any questions I'd be glad to answer them.
Great to see you getting back into this Wraith. I'll have to re-read all chapters to refresh my memory, will be looking forward to future updates.
Cigar smoke hung heavy in the air as he stepped into the room, looking to his left a thug stood in the shadow of the doorway holding a sawed off shotgun up against his shoulder. They stared each other down for a brief moment and the thug motioned towards the empty bar stool next to the smoking man. The shadow of the bar hid his face, the only distinguishing features Smoke could make out were the scars covering his body, and the dragon tattoo on his bicep.
"I wanted the Iceman, instead I got the pretty boy." The man speaks with a harsh yet relaxed tone shaking his head slightly as Smoke took a seat next to him.
"I didn't come here for you to mock me, and don't doubt my skills unless you'd rather do this yourself." He smiles ever so slightly as he taps the ashes from the end of his cigar into the glass in front of him.
"I'll let the freaks deal with each other." Smoke took a moment and adjusted the laces on his boots before looking up to a television that was muted, but it was clear the anchor was talking about some type of murder.
"Just tell me who my contract is for." The man's smirk flipped into a scowl and his free hand turns to a tight fist.
"A blonde b tch, another one. She made a fool of me, killed my men without even trying. Worse yet she's been on a damn killing spree the pigs are on high alert." His cigar let out a hiss as he dropped it into the amber liquid in his glass.
"My target is a woman?"
"Sure as shit looked like one. She couldn't have been more than 120 pounds yet she snapped Mark's spine with one hand. Not even the other blonde b tch could do that."
"Just tell me where to start."
"The desert. The cave where we found that damned rock is out there, and the crazy hermit bastard stayed out there. Said some bull shit about 'purifying', he's probably still around that area. I'll have one of my boys bring you out there, maybe you can get some answers from that fool. Be careful pretty boy, I'd hate for another assassin to die." Smoke proceeded outside where a blacked out SUV waited for him.

He stepped into the passenger seat of the ride where a bald heavy set man sat next to him, speeding off to the west.
"Hey man, name's Rick." He spoke with a deep voice and extended his hand towards Smoke, he went along with man's gesture but maintained his silence. They made their way out of the city and onto the lone road of the vast expanse of sand and emptiness.
"How the hell did get through the city with gear like that on you?" Rick questioned as he looked at the sword in Smoke's lap, but once again Smoke responded only with a quick stare and then silence.
"Shit, I guess the boss wasn't kidding when he said he was getting the real deal this time... you'll need some real skills to deal with the nightmare I saw." He looked out the window with sadness in his eyes.
"What exactly did you see?"
"Timmy... she killed Timmy... Johnson grabbed the ruby, one second he was there, then he was gone... nothing but blood. Then the flash... and she was there. First Mark, she broke his back like it was a twig... I'm sorry man I just.." He pulled over to the side of the road, trying to discreetly wipe tears from his eyes.
"It's alright... just tell me what happened."
"Timmy... my baby brother... she bit into his neck and I couldn't do anything. None of us could do anything. Boss hit her with 5 shots of a .44. She just stared at me... as she drained the life from Timmy." A last tear rolled down his cheek and he continued down the empty road.
"The look in her eyes... it's eyes... it wasn't human. It just dropped Tim and started walking towards me... I couldn't move a muscle in my body, I'd be dead if the Shaman didn't run into the room... it was the weirdest thing. She just saw him, and... started laughing... when I looked over, she was gone." He pulled over once more this time reaching over into the glove compartment and pulling out a canteen. He handed it over to Smoke who fastened it to his waist and stepped out into the great expanse of sand.
"The cave is about 4 miles that way. You can really kill this thing?" Rick pointed out into the middle of the seemingly never ending desert.
"I will kill this creature, or I will die trying. Such is the way of the Lin Kuei." Smoke answered as he brought the bandanna up over his mouth and nose.
"The real deal..." Rick muttered as he turned around back towards civilization, leaving Smoke alone with nothing but the sand and wind. Smoke trekked on into the nothingness of the desert rationing the small amount of life the canteen offered. He walked, and walked, 4 hours of walking in the blazing felt like 4 days and the sun began to set and Smoke took the last sip of his precious water. The world around Smoke was now entirely dark and the heat in the wind changed to an unnatural coldness, he continued on his journey feeling completely numb, nothing but determined to reach his destination. After a few hundred yards he noticed on the horizon a faint glow, stumbling closer he now saw clearly, a horse drinks from a small oasis and the glow comes from a campfire. He reaches for the water which he so craves, but his vision darkens and his body can continue no more. He collapsed on the cool sand and his surroundings changed once again, this time to true darkness.
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Well shit on my dinner and call m a fly, that was a nice follow up after a year hitaus.

Mega props for that cameo of Kano and having Nitara in your story.
Keeps things nice and unpredictable with non-popular characters

EDIT: I mean what?
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Well shit on my dinner and call m a fly, that was a nice follow up after a year hitaus.

Mega props for that cameo of Kano and having Nitara in your story.
Keeps things nice and unpredictable with non-popular characters

Kano? Nitara? Never heard of 'em :rolleyes:
Fret not Yung, it will be clear in time, for now I'm just doing like you said...

Keeping things unpredictable. ;)
Did you just say fret not in a sentence?

Shit what a classy man.

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Smoke's consciousness was returned to him by a cool rush of water covering his face, the refreshment lasted only a moment as he felt a hand grip a frock of his hair and pull his head back into the dry desert air. Instincts kicked in and the assassin reached for his blade but found himself grabbing at wind. He felt the force on the back of his head loosen and bolted around connecting his fist with the stomach of the man standing over him. Smoke reeled his hand back feeling as though he'd just hit a brick wall.
"I'd suggest you refrain from doing that again." Smoke rose from his knees to face the man looming over him. He was a head taller than him with a deep tan, matted long black hair, and bestial scars all across his body.
"I'll ask you this only once, where is.... my sword?" He maintained his cold exterior but under the surface Smoke's blood ran hot as he raised his hands towards the man standing across from him.
"This blade, it holds some importance to you does it not? I could tell it was unique moment I felt it's steel." Tomas' rage got the better of him as he struck forward barreling his fist into the man's jaw. His head moved ever so slightly and a jet of blood shot onto the golden sand.
"You know nothing about me and if you do not return my sword, then I have no qualms about killing you right now!"
"You're right about one thing... I don't know anything about you. I'm able read most people, but for some reason I can't read you. However..." The man connected his palm straight into Smoke's abdomen lifting him off his feet with force greater than the young warrior had ever felt.
"Your arrogance tells me you're either a fool or you've never truly faced someone more powerful than you." He lowered his fist and Smoke dropped onto his hands and knees, emptying the contents of his stomach onto the ground beneath him.
"Now then unless you truly are a fool, tell me who you are and why you're here, and I'll return your sword." Taking a minute to collect himself Smoke rose to his feet once more.
"I am... here to find the shaman who will lead me to the blonde woman I seek. As for who I am... you may call me Smoke."
"Well then, you've found the shaman you seek..." His face changed from a neutral expression to a bitter scowl.
"But to seek out Lamia... you truly must be a fool." The shaman began away from the oasis, approaching the black mare and stroking her mane for a moment before removing Smoke's sword from the saddle bag. Tossing the sheathed blade back to it's rightful owner the shaman leaned against the wall next to his campfire.
"Take your sword and leave with your life. You do not quite understand, to seek out that woman is to seek death, no mere man can stand against her." Smoke fastened the scabbard back onto his belt and drew the blade pointing it towards the seated man.
"You are the one who does not understand, my contract with her is one bound in blood. I would rather take my own life than return to my clan a failure, such is the way of the Lin Kuei! So then, you will tell me what I want to know, or you will strike me down here and now." A slight grin grew across the shaman's face as he stood over the open flame.
"The assassins without fear eh? I knew you were too strong to be one of those Black Dragon dogs. Well then..." Smoke was blinded for a moment by a flash of light emitted from the shaman's hands, moving his hand from his face the man now held a pair of glowing tomahawks.
"I will grant you this fight, either way if you cannot stand against me then you would surely be no match for her. Come now Forest Demon! Face the power of the Nightwolf!"
Oh man that was a nice read.

I think you really nailed Nightwolf in just one chapter.
Can't wait to see what that fight scene has to offer :)
Thanks Yung, I'm trying to keep things interesting and have a good balance of action and exposition but there is a lot of story subjects I wanna touch on.

Hopefully you guys will like my portrayal of Nightwolf, he's gonna be featured a lot in this story arc.